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Website Review

Websites that are run by governmental organizations have to be crystal clear about their activities and possible intentions. They have a lot of information posted, allowing their visitors to browse and see all the essential information about the organization’s activity. Analysis of the website is necessary in order to distinguish the core information from the secondary, irrelevant data, used to fill the website.


In order to understand and track current trends of the organizations, presented with the sites, websites need to be studied first. The site of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has a separate page, dedicated to the innovations in the health care industry. Besides, the main trends of the organization can be distinguished by simply looking at the graphics at that top of the homepage. The banner shows 3 directions of the Center development. Firstly, it is better care, provided by the patient’s partner, as nobody else is able to provide care as good and responsibly. Secondly, better health is announced as a goal to pursue. According to the site banner, the Center aims to get the health of every single American in better state than it is now. Thirdly, we can see reduction of health care costs being mentioned. The trend of lowering any expense is making sense, considering the latest economic crisis all over the world that had impact on the US as well. Innovations, mentioned before, are not noticeable from the first sight. Nevertheless, they remain one of the key trends of the Center because of their high impact on the implementation of other trends. Improvements and innovations in the technological and other aspects of the Center’s development guarantee better care, better health and reduction of expenses for the patients.

Tracking of the health care costs has no less significance than tracking the overall costs. Center of Medicaid and Medical Services allows studying the way expenses are distributed within the organization itself. It provides links to all of its basic constituents (e.g. Medicaid), where more detailed information can be obtained. The rate of payment errors is measured by the federal agencies heads that annually launch the checks of the programs they administer. Medicaid was identified as one of the programs with the highest risk of improper payments, as its expenses are really hard to trace and evaluate with full objectivity. The Center’s website also allows to go through the financial reports, issued for the public review, thus allowing to view the improper payments report. Reports distinguish the data between the Medicare and Medicaid in the aspects of overpayment and underpayment. The website allows rather easy tracking of the organization’s expenses even for the people without special education in economics or finance.

The direct task of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is to keep track of the most important changes in the life of the US society, tracking anything that can be of significant interest to the corresponding organizations. It keeps track of the insurance expenses in terms of Medicaid services usage by those who need it. The Bureau pays close attention to the spending on support of the families, needing government subsidies to pay for their healthcare bills. The Bureau’s website allows to search for the data, required for tracking the health care costs. Information can be selected by area, timeframe etc. The site provides all the information without additional requests for passwords or certain access limitations. Everything posted on the site is fully available to public, interested in tracking the costs and expenses of the health care organizations. Besides, the website offers the required data sorted out by the areas of interest, i.e. for students, economists, and media, or simply for the consumers.

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