Nightline Wed Journal Review

In most communities around the world women are the most discriminated group, especially on their gender, social and public norms. Additionally, women have been discriminated in terms of education and employment.

The exercise of completing the map has revealed a disturbing trend with issues concerning women and gender inequality. Women in the society today have been looked down upon because of their gender and been stereotyped by their male counterparts. Gender inequality is a rising issue and it is assumed that women cannot work nor hold positions of power in the society (Rhodes, 2005).  Inequality can be seen in everyday activities, at work places, and social gatherings among other areas.

The gender gaps are enormous in the society but due to activism it will eventually close (Rhodes, 2005). Income will be rewarded for the skills and labors offered instead of gender and social status of a person. With clubs and associations coming up to defend the rights of women, it is clear that the preference for men to women will turn around and ensure equity in gender.

Sexual orientation means the choice of having to be attracted, emotionally, physically and mentally, to a person of opposite or same sex. In the heart of Oklahoma, Micheal, an 18 years old man loves his truck and stands out for being gay. The society believes that sexuality is the choice that one has to it make, and it is not inherent in any way (Casserly, 2012). However, many people do not accept this, and a clear case is where his own mother seeks the intervention of the church to help Micheal change his status. She desperately wanted him to change, because her view was that they would not get into the gates of heaven. His pastor made it his sole duty to help Micheal change, trying to convince him that homosexuality is a sin. 

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