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Evaluation Process

Evaluation process employs the resources of the organizations involved. In order to predict the best desired outcome, evaluation is used to help determine the optimal set of actions and possible investments. Evaluation objectives should be directed towards the values of the specific organization. It cannot answer all the questions and the success strictly depends on the properly made requests. In order to provide the most reliable results and recommendations, any evaluation should be maximally unbiased. The term evaluator corresponds to both a profession and an assigned role for a certain time period.


While setting up the program of evaluation, evaluators consider the nature of the program and expected results. Effectiveness of the program is determined by the number of consumed resources, activity of the participants, perceived satisfaction, overall involvement etc. If it is predicted, the evaluation will be worth the results, further research should be done, based on additional indicators. Needs assessment is a crucial part of the thorough evaluation process. If the study needs to be successful, right questions should be derived in the first place. Despite the case involved, result is the primary driver of evaluation. Data collection approaches need to be systematic and designed for answering questions of better performance. Evaluators help keeping track of the company performance according to the set goals.

Years ago people noticed evaluator could miss the important things like data on process and environment, concentrating solely on objectives. Due to this, formative and summative evaluations were derived, along with formative and summative assessment. Scholars agree both summative and formative evaluations are important, although formative requires more questions to be asked. Evaluation should be self-evaluated to check it for full validity and utility. Simplicity of evaluation is in its comparison of results with expectations, while being troubled by different time and place of evaluation. Evaluation should always be about ensuring of what worked and what did not. Evaluator is interested not only in the results of evaluation, but in the procedure as well.

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