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Diversity Review

Disability is a crucial issue in the society and has always been covered in talks about race and gender. Unfortunately, for disability it has been given limited attention, and people with disabilities are one of the largest minority groups in the world (Disabled World, 2010). Disability can go hand in hand with other diversity issues including ethnicity, race and gender among others. Disability means having any physical or mental impairment that may limit a person from doing particular activities. Therefore, disability is an equality issue that needs addressing.


Diversity has affected learning, social, and working environment and most of the disabled individuals have been left out in key sectors of the society (Gannon & Nolan, 2005). People with disabilities experience discrimination on another level. They get inconsistent rehabilitation services and education opportunities are less or quite expensive, unlike for the wealthy.

There are not enough role models and mentors for the disabled in the work areas. In addition, there are inadequate housing and transportation facilities for persons with disabilities (Becker, 2011). Disability, just like the other issues of diversity, also affects earnings, poverty, education and social life. Some disabled individuals often have poor levels of educational due to discrimination and poor access to the education and appropriate facilities. These inconsistencies are especially common among youth. Additionally, even though salaries might be same for all other workers, those with disabilities may have lower earnings than the rest.

Poverty is an issue that can affect every person at any time. However, the disabled have a high risk of getting poor, and a large number of them are already poor or are likely to get poor (University of Liverpool, 2012). Social participation is important, and it is only recently that the disabled started their own groups, clubs and associations. In the past, their participation in the society was below average.

In conclusion, disability is an issue that must be critically analyzed in the context of diversity. It is contributing factor towards diversity. These issues can be dealt with, by making special rehabilitation facilities, creating equal job opportunities, and forming clubs that will address issues of the disabled.

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