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Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communication Review

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Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communication Review

This book gives the readers a deeper understanding of cross-cultural marketing relationships and cultures. The book also covers the role of national culture in cross-cultural marketing. Different concepts of culture, as well as their impact, are analyzed at length. The author focuses on helping the reader to understand the model building process and the attendant parameters for analyzing aspects of cross-cultural relationships marketing management as well as the managerial implications. The author mainly focuses on the implication of cross-cultural relationships to trade, both locally and in the international market. The impact of these relationships is also reviewed as they greatly influence the progress of trade. The book further discusses the various ways of creating a cross-cultural marketing strategy to give the organization a competitive edge against its competitors. Finally, the book gives managers the various strategies and aspects of cross-culture that can seem beneficial to the organization. The book teaches managers to use the cultural differences in the organizations as a strategy rather than view it as a stumbling block.


Rugimbana, Robert, and Sonny Nwankwo. Cross-cultural Marketing. London: Thomson Learning, 2003. Print.

Chapter 11 of this book talks about the relationship of marketing in cross-cultural contexts. The chapter talks about the various ways cross-cultural relationships can be used as marketing strategies. The authors further discuss the impact of cross cultures on trade and how these interactions can improve trade. On pages two hundred and thirteen there is a model of cross-cultural relationships showing the various marketing dimensions that managers can apply. The model aims to show managers the various ways they can develop and manage these cross-cultural relationships. In addition, it aims to show managers how to manage these international relations when they arise and finally, how to capitalize on the networks created between the partners involved in the trade and the international relations.

Berry, John W. Cross-cultural Psychology: Research and Applications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Print.

The book analyzes both the internal and external impacts of cultural interactions as well as cultural invariance in society. The book also focuses on the psychological organization of cross-cultural differences. The book mainly tries to explain the psychology of individuals during cultural interactions. It also tries to explain the process people undergo as they try to adapt to new cultures and new people. It also tries to explain the immediate impact of these cross-cultural interactions on society and the indigenous people. Cross-culture transfers are also covered in the book. It discusses the various ways people from different cultures share and borrows various aspects of their cultures from each other. It also talks about the adaptation of these new cultures altogether. Finally, the book tries to explain the difference between adoptions, adaptation, and assembly of different cultures as a result of cross-culture relationships.

Elmer, Duane. Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting in Around the World. Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 2002. Print.

This book talks about culture, its importance, and its value to society. It also talks about culture shocks and what it entails to an individual as well as the attitudes and skills required for cultural adjustments. The book speaks about how different and new cultures tend to be confusing and how to cope. This book mainly urges its readers to be bold enough to move around the world irrespective of the different cultures that they are likely to encounter. It shows people the hardships that new people undergo in a foreign country or place as well as the best way they can adjust to the new environment. Finally, the book talks about ‘returning home”. This is mainly applicable where these immigrants or foreigners return to their original homes after undergoing the rigorous assimilation process in a new country. This is never easy.

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