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Conflict in the Middle East

Conflict and insecurity in the Middle East region in general have certain parallels with the economic situation. One of the major causes and explanations in this case is disposition. The imperial state entities are usually interested in the constant search for an external enemy, access to cheap raw materials and energy resources. One of the crucial factors is that search for external enemies helps empires increase military spending, hold the power expansion in foreign markets in order to justify the uncontrolled emission of money. Imperial states are enormous consumers of raw materials and they cannot do without raw colonies. It is also important to mention the problem of employment as one the causes of conflict and insecurity. Conducting large-scale military shares is a great way to temporarily adjust the picture of employment in the country. Besides, with the falling demand the struggle for markets and for those places where you can take out and sell value-added goods is extremely exacerbated. The main purpose of such behavior and actions is justification of the increased national debt, stimulation of the growth of oil prices, promotion of military orders and adjustment of the labor market. Instability in oil producing regions (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan) will introduce its military contingent in close proximity to the borders of these states and not allow a new pool of exporting countries form a new empire of energy. Political tension and military threats also allow manipulate and influence the situation in Syria and Europe concerning the issue of energy supply. These developments are viewed as a safety cushion for an active monetary policy. Conflict and insecurity is mainly explained by the new stage of struggle for markets and demand. Hostility and provocations should be interpreted as signals of powerlessness in the impending changes and global economic depression. It is likely to predict that there will be the last battle between the importing countries that currently have a crisis of the model of economic survival. As a conclusion it is possible to say that the crucial causes of the chronic instability in the region are related to the chronic lack of security due to the unresolved Arab-Israeli conflict.

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