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Chapter Problems

Misconception is the act of having misguided ideas regarding a particular event or individual. Sometimes a person believes in the certain idea so strongly that it is difficult prove its falsity. Misconceptions may occur because of several reasons, i.e.faulty perceptions of reality, self-defeating beliefs, delusions, limiting concepts, unhealthy attitudes, unrealistic thinking, impaired judgment, mistaken perspectives, distorted thoughts, and fallacies. After Julia Brouck joined ABC PPO, a health insurance provider, she had mistaken perspective that ABC PPO would not be charging her the $5 co-payment. She thought that the health insurance provider covered all the doctors’ visits and that she was not required to make any payment by herself (Barry, 1998)


Downsizing is reducing the number of employees in an organization. Communication of downsizing of the nurses in the health institution should be open and honest in order to be understood correctly. This is important because it leaves no room for roamers. Lack of proper details leaves the public in doubts regarding the quality of service after the exercise. The administrator should have given all the information about the downsizing and the reasons explaining its necessity. Moreover, the authorities should assure the public that the exercise will not affect the quality of services they offer. The 15-second segment shown out of a 20-minute interview clearly proved that there was no proper communication within the organization. This led to public outrage (Garry, 2010).

Advertising is the act of information transfer regarding a particular item or service usually paid with intention to persuade people to acquire them. This mostly takes place in the media (Bovee, 1992). The producer of an infusion pump kit for medical use should emphasis on how the kit works, its durability, and effectiveness of the machine when performing the therapy.  The advertisement of a nutrition workshop offered by a hospital should emphasis on the quality of the proposed services, reasons why their services are the best in the market, and the value of the workshop. The advertisement of an academic medical center offering a special helicopter service for trauma cases should point out the other aspects. It should emphasize the availability of such service within a 200-mile radius of the facility, the safety of the service, the care that the patient receive, and the benefits of enrolling in the center (Peter, 1997)

A post-purchase service refers to the various processes that an organization should undertake to ensure that their service delivery meets customer demands. In case of a busy hospital emergency room, a psychological support to the patients and those who accompany them would be the best option. An executive fitness program (including health screening and fitness evaluation) could offer its regulars a one-week free of charge training if they take a three weeks training. An occupational medicine program that works with different companies under contract can offer free of charge training to the executives of the companies, which they serve. Customer retention is the aim of this process (John, 2007)

The channel control strategies are the procedures that one considers when making an advertisement. The statement of the nurse working in the intensive care unit at the University of Chicago Hospitals is a very persuasive channel of promotional communication. The aim of the advertisement is to convince the potential customers this hospital offers personalized care so that even the employees would like the same care for them. The advertisement proves the quality of the offered services and thereby explains the excellence of the University of Chicago Hospitals. The main goal of a newly formed adolescent chemical dependency program is to ensure that its participants are ready to face a new life after the recovery. The target audience of this project is judges and social workers. These groups of officials should ensure that rehabilitation and learning take place adequately (Peter, 1997).

An advertisement has to be effective in order to achieve the intended result. Thus, the marketing director should carry extensive research before the advertisement. The following factors should be considered: creativity, the aim of the advertising, media strategy, the subject, humor, repetition, uniqueness, target market, fear, and sensory appeal, which creates attention. Advertisements that consist of all of the above are likely to produce positive results. The advertisement that misses the majority of these factors provokes disappointing results (Terence, 2010).

The medium used in an advertisement is very important because it determines the results. Firstly, the program director should consider the following factors: impact, nature of the product, frequency of the advertisement, coverage, duration, target market, and cost implications. These factors are crucial at this stage. The coverage for example will determine how many people will view the advertisement. Frequency of the advertisement in the paper is the number of days that it appears in the copy. If the marketing manager takes into consideration of all the above factors and concludes that the community newspaper is the best, he can go ahead and consider that the advertisement will yield positive results (Epstein, 2010)

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