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Article Summary: UK Fish Study Fibers

The UK fish study on fibers leaves many questions unanswered, especially on health benefits and health hazards on both aquatic life and human life. Personally, my first reaction is to question whether or not to quit eating fish fed on polyester and rayon accidentally rather than taking plankton during their normal feeding time. A controversial issue of concern is whether the fishes’ consumption of said elements is a threat to the entire aquatic life and if they cause environmental pollution at large, in the long run.


The environmental degradation as articulated in the article can be minimized to help to reduce aquatic death. Personally, as a consumer of textile products, I consider some basic precautions. First, is to ensure proper use of natural and human resources in a manner that does not hamper the environment: to reduce pollution to a possible maximum level. I would always ensure proper disposal of pollutants such as the rayon, polyester, and toxic chemicals, like the Sulfuric acid. The entire society should support the construction and use of proper disposal channels. This will enable proper treatment of the wastes before channeling them into the rivers or lakes. Treatment of wastes discharged into rivers and oceans guarantees excellent health of the aquatic life and the environment at large. It is not possible to estimate precisely the time taken by cellulose and fibers to degrade, as they generally take very long time and this is always unhealthy to the environment.

The statement by Mr. Thompson, in summary, relates to the industry’s assessment of the life cycle of the textile fiber and the cradle-to-cradle concept, when he refers to the end of life plastic. This is because Thompson particularly means the advantage of maintaining the environment clean by simply recycling the used product in an environment friendly manner. He is specific on plastic recycling and their quality improvement.

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