Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans After the 9/11



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Review on Relations Between Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans

In the recent past, Arab Americans and Muslim Americans have been undermined. These misconceptions are rising, and it is without a doubt that some of them have consequences for the general country and particularly the Muslim and Arab Americans (Serhan, 2009). It is evident that the events of 9/11 tremendously affected these groups, but how have this influenced misconceptions regarding the Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans?


It is almost 12 years after the deadly events of 9/11, an incidence that entirely changed the use of terms such as the war on terror, threat level, and homeland security. These terms are being used in almost every sentence today. Ultimately after 9/11, both the Arab and Muslim Americans have been brought to the core front issues. Numerous Arabs and Muslims have been categorized and even contextualized as terrorists (Serhan, 2009). In my opinion, one misconception has been that these Arab and Muslim Americans have had their identity queried hence making them feel vulnerable. This is because their identity was somewhat wrong according to the law. There is a rising issue of mistrust between Arab or Muslim Americans and the government and the citizens of the United States at large. In addition, some Arab and Muslim Americans have been marginalized and mistreated racially by the American public. According to Rebecca (2011), Muslims and Arabs have always been a figure of suspicion. It was without doubt that the Americans jumped to conclusions after the 9/11 attacks were committed by Arabs or Muslims. This implies that the United States never understood or knew remarkably little about Islam and Arab communities.

In my opinion, the victimization of the Arab and Muslim Americans would have consequences on the Arab or Muslim Americans and the country or both. One of the consequences is that the Arab and Muslim Americans may be cast out and regarded as enemies.  According to Rebecca (2011), the other issue is that the Arabs and the Muslims would be mistreated racially. Regarding the Arabs and Muslims as enemies would put America under the threat of retaliatory attacks. Therefore, the United States would be a victim of a series of terrorist attacks.

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