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Reforms in the American Judiciary System

The Murder of Eric Scott by Officer William Mosher

Fundamentally, the consistent shooting of citizens and the heavily militarized police response to such cases, have raised concerns in the American judicial system. There have been persistent inequalities in criminal justice, hence the need to act more precisely on this part. Some of these biases include the use of force and aggressive policing, arrest and prosecution policies, the severity of criminal justice, and so on. One instance in the United States includes the murder of Eric Scott by Officer William Mosher.

After the incident, the police officer went scot-free since there were no cameras to track the whole tragedy. As a result, this episode and many more have been a major concern in the American judicial system. Therefore, this essay seeks to suggest and discuss some of the reforms that should be enacted in the American legal system in America. After the killing of Eric Scott under unclear circumstances, there was the need to demand answers to such ambiguous cases, as well as solutions.

Require Police to Wear Body Camera

Primarily, America should enforce a law that requires all county, state, and local police to wear a body camera when on duty. In essence, the American administration should encourage the use of body cameras for several benefits. First, it will create new opportunities for the practical training of the law enforcement officers presented by the use of these cameras. Through this, every officer recruited into the force as an employee will know how to use the guns so that they will be held accountable for any death. Secondly, it will provide full evidence that both the civilians and the police officers acted more positively when they were aware that the body camera was present at a given scene. Moreover, it will be rare for both of them to engage in an unnecessary offense, as the instrument will record their actions and expose their cover-up.

Lastly, useful evidence of interactions such as that that occurred to Eric Scott can be captured in the video. As a result, the events departments in the United States should adopt the use of these cameras even in the vehicles they do not will be carefully obtained and reviewed for documentation. Similarly, all the police use. Besides, there are certain fundamental issues about the use of these body cameras that have to be put in place.

First, the most effective cameras should be used to ensure every cover-up is visible. For instance, the officers can put them in their ears, lapels, or belts depending on the situation and the scene. Next, the privacy implications of having the officer record individual interactions, with the general public, have to be considered. Therefore, there are particular times when the camera should be turned on and not all the officers should be given the camera unless entitled by the relevant authority.

Moreover, the time period for that maintained video data must be put in place and the access should be limited. The next proposal is to enhance the collection of data on the fatalities involving the police. After every death of an individual, the community members and policymakers tend to ask several questions about such incidents. Notably, police officers have been killing unalarmed individuals, such as the case of Eric Scott. Nevertheless, this is one of the inappropriate uses of force by some of the police officers in the country. Recently, reporters discovered that in the past years, there have been significant gaps in the collection and analysis of the data related to deaths involving police officers (Staats & Biglaiser, 2012).

As a result, it has been quite difficult to gauge the scope of the problem in either the individual states or localities. For this reason, a uniform crime reporting center should be designated through which the federal and police agencies can voluntarily report information about crimes.

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The information submitted should be detailed and account for the demographic data of the victim or offender. Other materials can include the type of weapon used and the relationship between the two involved. Consequently, the crime report center should gather statistics of the total number of individuals killed by law enforcement officers. However, some of this data may be mistaken, as individuals may not be sure of the exact number of victims murdered. Moreover, it is a voluntary case, and only a few will report such incidences to the criminal report centers.

In conclusion, these two sets of reforms are needed to address the issue of unfairness in the American criminal justice system. Notably, this should be concerning police misbehaviors when performing their duty. Besides, the police officers need to use body cameras and criminal report centers instituted within the country. Therefore, there is the need to make every effort to address some of these reforms as stated above. Ultimately, the American justice system will be fair and just to all its citizens.

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