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International Substance Use Treatment


Safe and effective dosages of alcohol vary from country to country and from one individual to another. Alcohol is generally considered a drug in most countries, but it remains legal. Alcohol is mostly used when socializing with others and the users are most likely not paying attention to how much they are consuming. Too much alcohol can lead to alcoholism and even some serious diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Moreover, this substance provides an escape from problems, albeit only temporarily. While it is considered quite harmless when taken in small quantities, it can lead to major social and health issues when consumed in large amounts. The most dangerous ingredient in alcohol is ethanol. In most countries, the limit recommended by doctors is usually very different from the quantities that are considered illegal.

Alcohol and Marijuana Limits in the US

In the United States, for example, the limit is about 14 grams a day. This is about two bottles of beer a day. Alcohol consumption is totally restricted for pregnant women, people with hypertension, breastfeeding women, and those with chronic kidney disease. I do not have an alcohol limit since I have decided to never consume it. In my opinion, alcohol does more harm than good, and I would rather avoid it in the first place than get addicted to it. It is much better to choose soft drinks that are beneficial for the body rather than alcoholic beverages. The disadvantages of alcohol far outweigh the advantages. For instance, alcohol has been known to cause severe dependence in users who have to go through a comprehensive rehabilitation program to get well. The money wasted on these damaging drinks could have been used to pay for other things and even save for the future. People who get addicted tend to neglect their families and may at times even lose their jobs since they become unreliable.

The United States and Australia have somewhat similar cultures. They both enjoy relatively high standards of living as compared to other nations, they have much better health facilities than other nations, and most citizens in both countries speak English as their first language. However, studies have shown that alcohol intake is more prevalent in Australia than in the United States. Some of the reasons that might have caused this discrepancy include the fact that Australia is more focused on reducing the harm that is caused by alcohol prohibiting its use in the first place. Australia is focused on treating alcoholism in those who have been affected by it (McBride et al.).

The United States, on the other hand, is focused rather on prohibitive than curative measures. Additionally, the age limit for alcohol intake differs considerably. For instance, the minimum age for alcohol intake in the United States is 21 years, while in Australia it is 18. Therefore, a person in Australia will be introduced to alcohol at a younger age than an individual in the United States.


The United States is the only country that tracks the changes in THC. It has been noted that there has been a significant increase in THC in cannabis, though it cannot be clearly linked to the use of alcohol in both countries. Changes in the use of cannabis may be related to the increase in the consumption of THC (Harris). This increase can, however, be linked to the use of more potent parts of the plant, such as stems and new flowers. However, the relationship between the frequency of usage and the number of people consuming it has never been established.

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