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Gender and Sexual Orientation


Domestic violence is a kind of abusive behavior at home and is an example of an issue I have been a victim of. The type of abuse I have experienced due to my gender range from physical, sexual, financial, to mental intimidation. From real-life experience, I believe it is exceptionally hard to define the genuine degree of hostility against men as most occurrences of aggressive behavior at home remain unreported.


Domestic Violence and Gender

Personally, I was once accused of taking part in premarital sex. This caused a heated argument between me and my parents as they blamed me for infidelity on the grounds that I had been frequently seen with older women in a nearby town. My father took this as an insult to the family's honor, yet, he had not verified whether I had done exactly what I was being charged with. Unfortunately, I have come to understand that this demoralizing practice is common, especially if someone is up to tarnishing your name.

I have also learned that in some communities, for instance, in India, young men are forced into marriage at a very tender age for financial purposes, as the women there are the ones supposed to pay a dowry to the young men families as a token of appreciation. This is a manifestation of sexual brutality since young people are frequently constrained to marry and conduct sexual relations. This imperils their welfare, raises their danger of being infected with HIV/AIDS, and limits their chances of education.

Throughout my life, I was occasionally being left back at home while my sisters went out on tours with my parents. They used to argue that since the house could not be deserted, I, as the man in the family, would be left at home guarding it. This haunted me for a while, as I felt I was being denied my free right to participate in something I loved.

Though, as a man, I have never been in case of casualty or unfair police treatment and any other extreme hostilities. I am quite aware of my vulnerability and thus feel perilous and petrified of turning into cases of transgression when strolling alone at night. Progressively, sexual orientation-based hostility is perceived as an issue of general well-being concern and an infringement of human rights. I strongly recommend the government come up with a verdict that would protect men from the growing dangerous exposures being realized today.

Hostility against men is eminent in every area, cutting across society, class, colleges, salary, ethnicity, and age. Abusive behavior at home frequently happens even in the case of constrained marriage. In spite of the fact that the accurate rates are generally questioned, particularly in the United States, there is a vast assemblage of multifaceted proofs that men are subjected to abusive behavior at home more frequently nowadays.

Occasionally, I also have the benefits of being a man. For instance, during a job interview that was conducted in a certain women based company, I got to be awarded the job on the basis that the company needed to balance the number of men versus the number of women working in that organization in spite of the fact that some women have more education qualification and job experience than me. I have also been lucky enough to participate in many games and educational tournaments just because I am a male.


In conclusion, it is said that even in the 21-century men are still prone to mistreatment from other fellow males, the government, and the police officers. Every time they feel like harassing someone. I believe that men are the core pillars of their families and countries as a whole and, therefore, deserve to be treated better and with dignity. It is not fair that men should always feel insecure just because of their gender affiliation. Even the few privileges that I occasionally encounter do not level the risks I am prone to.

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