Civil Rights Movement: Black Power and Babylon

Black Power and Babylon

Black Power Movement evolved as a consequence of the activities of the black activists who were calling for a radical organization of institutions in the American society. Non-violent Civil Right Movement faded away and was replaced by a prevalent Black Power Movement. I think that Black Power Movement directly addressed the problems in a manner that the Civil Rights Movement could not able to do within a short time. It called blacks to arm themselves that boasted their power and popularity.


I am of the view that Black Power successfully promoted the message of self-determinism that is controlling your destiny. It stimulated the concepts of black economic autonomy, self-defense, cultural empowerment, self-help reflecting the same view to white segregationists. The radicals advocated black pride as well as encouraged the blacks reconnect with their roots and heritages. They managed to develop some interest in black studies programs and influenced boosting in the African culture.

I consider the Black Panther Party as the most famous Black Power party. It was notorious for the use of violence and advocacy to discourage white racists. However, the Black Panther Party was gaining control over the black institutions and communities. I found it interesting to find the evidences for disproving the latter assumption. No doubt, Black Panther Party was successful in deterring and combating violence from whites. The Black Power Movement helped the mainstream Civil Rights Movement by providing a threatening alternative to the whites.

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The Black Power and Civil Rights Movement

The Black Power Movement used extreme measures for securing civil rights. Armed resistance contributed indirectly to the radicalization of Civil Rights Movement as among many others CORE and SNCC started to advocate the ideas associated with Black Power Movement (Ogbar).

I consider Babylon a crucial metaphor that puts emphasis on an important moment in the history of postwar American urbanization. It achieved new rhetorical pro-activeness and represented Western capitalism as well as imperialism. Both men and women joining in the city of Babylon put aside the personal goals and started working together unselfishly showing their pro-activeness. Therefore, they both stood for the possibility that something good or democratic might happen in its place and for the inevitability of imperialism’s downfall.

Babylon reminds the people that black power and its implications are an important part of American political history of urbanization. Following the decades of political restructuring and segregation, Americans and African radicals responded alike politically. In Babylon, advocates of black power identified an urban referent with the help of which they can address the black nation’s plight and evoke the truths of the postwar American city. These realities include poverty amidst wealth, downfall in economic growth with urban decline and apartheid hardening within the liberal state.

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The journey through paradoxes enlightens one on the connections between political power and the city as well as the decades of extreme contest over value, use, and nature of the urban space. Underdevelopment of the cities and overdevelopment of the suburbs were crucial economic and political transformations of a postwar America.

In East Bay and Oakland, the tax revolt and Black Panther Party evolved together. They both worked on how the assets and prosperity of the region will be dispersed. Struggles in California gave rise to two of most controversial political ideologies of the nation. One was empowerment of blacks, and the other was homeowner politics of whites. Proposition 13 indicated the emergence of a new suburban order with Oakland civic authority passing the hands of blacks. In abstract terms, black power, tax reform movements, and civil rights did not explain rights but concerned particular things in relation to particular places.

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