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Writing to Share Experience

1. Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

Preserving National Heritage

I was eight years old when I made my first visit at the zoo. My father had proposed the visit to the zoo as a way of refreshing after taking several months from his family. This was one of the most fascinating encounters that I will not forget -the varied animal species, the roaring lion, the ever changing chameleon, the slithering snakes as well as the friendly monkeys. Walking through the zoo paths exposed us the natural beauty. Each animal had its own beauty, the monkeys for example, would jump on my father’s shoulder and we would laugh as we enjoy the beautiful life experience. When we walked towards the den on lion, it roared and the sound sent a chilling effect on me, but we kept walking because the animal was caged. Little did I know that our stay in the zoo would be short lived, at the evening hours we had to return home, counting the beautiful animals and birds that I saw.

Seven years later, I returned to the zoo. At first, all seemed to match my memory: the yapping monkeys, the ever changing chameleon and other animal species. I have always believed my eyes, but what I saw in the zoo on this visit was yet to sink into mind. It was unbelievable that the jumbos that I saw seven years ago were no longer in the zoo. The land that had been set for the animals had become a bear soil and the heavy feeders like the jumbos could no longer find the right amount of food. In response to these changes the zoo management had opted to transfer the heavy feeders to other zoos. As if this was not enough, some poachers had carried numerous raids in the zoo threatening the lives of the few animal species that we had. Human beings were fast shading their human nature and were quick in responding to the unquenchable thirst for quick well. In response to this unquenchable thirst, poachers had penetrated the entire animal world killing them for their precious skins, ivory among other valuables that one could extract from an animal. The worst of all was the shooting of the zoo guards in a botched poaching plot.

Since that time I kept wondering why human beings had become so cruel. Killing of the treasured animals was common place, yet the thirst for the jumbo’s ivory did not melt. I learnt that man had become a dangerous species in the entire universe devouring the nature to please his ego. I have always thought of putting this into their mind, unfortunately I have not got the right opportunity to address my concern. I have always suspected that the social systems had failed to protect the interest of animals in the same manner as it had failed to protect the minority in the society. The killing of our animals was an indication of the fast waning beauty of the universe. When I was eight years old, I could read the stories of the dinosaurs and how they became extent. Back then I did not have the critical thinking that I have developed now. I can now explain why some governments have resorted to erecting electric fences, deploying guards with heavy machinery to protect the zoo.

I have always suspected that many people do not know the importance of preserving the environment. I have kept pondering about how the world would be without the natural beauty. What legacy do we hope to leave for the future generation? After killing these animals, what else do we have to kill? I suppose that these would be the worst crisis in the world. What has been bothering me so much is the unpredictable character of human beings. While the government may make an effort to change the failing situation, a few people might not realize how important it is to protect the natural environment and the animals. The human activities have promoted the destruction of the natural environment. Most people harbor the thought of building magnificent homes, yet they fail to acknowledge the destruction they create on nature. Presently, most parts of the world have been hit with natural calamities; uncontrollable floods, hurricane, lanina and el nino yet we have not learnt through this bitter lessons. The world that was at one time admirable is derelict, yet nobody has raised his voice to sound an alarm against the human choices that have led to natural environmental degradation and the extinction of the natural species of animals.

The love for animals makes some people to risk their lives to protect what they love. Some people have travelled abroad to explore the beauty of our planet. Unfortunately, the detractors of the same universe sit beside us, share the same food we take, breath the same air, but are quick to raise their machetes and their guns against our jumbos and other animals, robbing us the opportunity to see these animals in our countries. In the past, the local communities felt that protecting the animals did not pay; little did they know that tourist could travel abroad to come and visit the animal zoo. The international community has developed structures that would help us protect the natural beauty. However, the ball is in our court, we have to make the best choices and change the situation before it gets out of control.

While traveling in Africa with a group of persons that promote animal kindness, I realized how the continent had preserved the natural environment and the jumbos were hovering freely as opposed to the tight protection I observed in my home country. I kept wondering when we will restore the beauty of the land. However, it is apparent that protecting the lives of the animals would not only help to protecting the beauty of the land but also the future. It would be rather sad bit the very breast that I was fed, instead, acknowledging the efforts of the mother earth would be the best to celebrate.

In conclusion, I developed interest in protecting animals while I was a young person. Although I did not know the cost of protecting the animals and their natural environment, I have learnt over the years that protecting the animals would not only preserve the beauty of our environment but would create an opportunity to the next generation to share the best experiences of our time. The lovers of the natural environment take the trouble of travelling to various parts of the world to see the environmental diversity. I suspect that the future generation may not get the opportunity to experience the same things that we have observed. 

I have made a choice to transfer to the University of Oregon ( UO) because as a environmentalist I would find a perfect institution that offers my course. The UO has amazing environmental  science facilities, including state of the art laboratories for environmental  sciences students. Other than the good facilities, the UO is located in a serene environment that encourages learning activities. With the best learning environment, I will only need to concentrate on my studies and in order to build my knowledge in environmental sciences.  My essay is driven by genuine reasons of joining the academic institution and to further develop my academics and career. I want to be an environmental consultant. I know what the discipline entails and this has driven my decision to transfer to the UO. I believe the UO will take me where I want to be. As an environmental science major, research will be a fundamental part of my work and the facilities are well provided for by the institution. My research goal will try to evaluate ways of making the people understand the value of the environment to human kind. With the current environmental challenges, the UO will be the ideal place for me to pursue my goal. 

I understand that the committee of the University of Oregon comprises of individuals who are have the aspect of environmental awareness, for this reason, I understand that I will be dealing with people with whom we will join hands in fighting activities that end results are destruction of the natural beauty of the earth. Thus, I made a choice of becoming one of the campaigner s for the preservation of the wild animals and joining this institution will better my objectives as I will interact with other people with the same views and objective about activities such as poaching. The choice of joining the University of Oregon will ensure that by the time I leave this institution, I will have pursued my course on environment and will have made contacts with people with whom we can together take the campaigns on environments to another level.

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