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The Three Global Criteria

Crisis intervention refers to those services which normally act in response to alcoholics needs or to a drug abusers needs during heightened emotions or physical anguish. Its aim is to help alcoholics or drug abusers to regain their stability in their biopsychosocial functioning and to reduce any risks that may arise from any possible psychological trauma. It has three global criteria’s which are; one, recognizing the causes of the crisis of the affected, this helps in providing a way out on what to do or on what remedies to undertake. Two, execution of an instantaneous course of action that is most suitable to the crisis, this helps the victim of the crisis in returning to normal. The third step is providing general treatment through utilization of the crisis events. This helps the victim in gaining an understanding of what had occurred and allowing the victim in expressing feelings about the experience (Aguilera 1998).

Counseling involves individual, groups and/or family whereby particular skills are used in achieving purposes through looking at a problem and its consequences, assessment of thoughts and feelings and reflecting on other solutions. It has several global criteria’s which are; one, choose the counseling theories or theory that is relevant, this helps in providing good and helpful counseling and second, administering of techniques that help the people being counseled at looking on the problems and consequences. Third step involves administering techniques that aid in scrutinizing a client’s behavior, mind set if necessary in the treatment setting. The fourth step, one should provide the counseling in line with an individual’s cultural, sex and the way of life differences. Fifth, one should intermingle with the client in the right beneficial manner. Sixth, one should draw out resolutions and decisions from the client. The last step involves executing the treatment plan (Benjamin 2011).  Treatment planning involves a counselor and a client spotting out and leveling problems that need to be solved and deciding upon the right treatment course and the resources to be used. The global criteria’s are; explaining evaluation results to client in an understand way. Second, spotting and leveling problems upon a client’s needs in the treatment plan. Third, put together the agreed instantaneous and long term goals using behavioral terms in the treatment plan and finally, spotting the treatment methods and resources to be used rightfully for the client (Benjamin 2011). 

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