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Network Security Remote Access Policy

Network security is an emerging trend and concern in the global world. The era of information technology is inevitable. With the upsurge of information systems and technology, the great world  is a now a global village. The gains from the advancement in technology have however, come up with some costs. The rate of cyber related crime is currently on the upward trend (Cranor, 2005). There is the need to secure our data bases. This is the essence of the paper. The cyber crime upsurge has placed the confidentiality of company data on risk. This is a concern to have secure storage of information. This paper is out to discuss illustrations of network security. Various companies adopt diverse technology. This is the basis for the technocrats to develop information technology models to forecast future trends.

Comprehending and solving the problems faced by ZXY Inc.  is part of trying to get a sustainable solution to the network threat faced by this company. For every problem presented in this company, there is a need to give attention to the different organization players. In this way, this proposal is a tool of unifying the use of security of a team across the organization. In this manner, it is easy to develop a buy-in from personnel that are operational and in a mission to provide security solution.

For easy management and governance of the ZXY Inc's security, these problems need to be adequately addressed. The confrontation should be offering counterpoints, head-on and the advantage to offset and anticipate every problem presented. A rise in the understanding knowledge, awareness of security is vital first method to breaking from the common norms. These are; security value framing proposition as inclusive of opportunity and risk.There is need to address the network threat that is a critical issue affecting most companies. One finds this network security issue in magazines and newspapers almost weekly (Andress & Winterfeld, 2011).  Fist thing, many organizations are experiencing their home pages replaced by another homepage of ‘crackers’ or otherwise known as crackers. A more serious case is that of many sites brought down by attacks of service denial, in which the ‘hacker’ floods the web network site with traffic, making it non-responsive to legitimate queries (Frye, 2007). In most cases, attacks emanate   from numerous machines that the ‘hacker’ has managed to break (DDoS attack). These attacks are quite a number that they no longer make the news (Frye, 2007). They heavily cost most organizations relying on the websites in terms of lost business.

The network security proposal is a problem identifier. It also solves the problem through analysis of ZXY Inc, which is a company faced by network threats. ZXY Inc. needs to put a formal remote access procedures and policies. There is no formal way in place, and MP3 stakeholders want to ensure every communication that goes remotely is secure. The company therefore, requires is to have a policy on remote access ensuring the law firm data is secure for all users in and out of the office. This forms part of remote access methods that suggest   the law firm standard.

Analysis and defending the solution to the problem

This analysis will help in identifying the network security issues facing ZXY Inc, through formulating the concepts, principles and practices set (Frye 2007).  For any given company to achieve a certain security state on the network there can be no much assurance that security is a guarantee. It is disputable that security is not a project that can be done once and for all. In other words, the network security is a continuous process. It therefore, needs to have a continued monitoring, improved execution and measuring (Andress & Winterfeld, 2011). For a continuous improvement, there is a need for security, investment and complete attention. To achieve these aspects one is required to give these priorities at the expense of the priorities in economic opportunity and accounting terms.

The network administrator is supposed to be aware of how the company user usually identifies him on the network. The users in ZXY Inc should be provided with passwords together with usernames before they access the network (Kaeo, 1999). This will help in avoiding any restricted access. This network security is authenticated and is inclusive of smartcards and biometric systems or systems.

Controlling access is another vital requirement of ZXY Inc. This is much based on giving some network privileges. This control on the access prevents users from having access to the network resource or the network itself with no rightful privileges (Kaeo, 1999).   Another fundamental requirement is confidentiality which is a mechanism permitting just the authorized users to share data or the stored information (Andress & Winterfeld 2011). Confidentiality concept is much the same with that of encryption since users with the pass or key are able to access the encrypted data.

The other requirement for network security is integrity. This requires the end user to authenticate the transferred information over the network (E-Council, 2010). In this practice, errors are checked on the data, and if any error is found it are reported to the administrator handling the network (Kaeo, 1999). The administrator should monitor any user attempt to delete or change the network data. The last practice to be employed on ZXY Inc is non-repudiation. Here the network administrator is able to monitor any data entering the network (Andress & Winterfeld, 2011). In this way, the network administrator will make sure that the appropriate data is received, and the inappropriate data does not modify it.

Most organizations and people could rather not deal with security whether it is network security or in other forms (Andress & Winterfeld, 2011). This is due to the complexity of security issues. In this perspective, to address the network security at hand there are disincentives that are formidable. These can solve network security with more than a mere tactical level, than a technical point.

Identifying the company in an informal way in line with a network uses a hub and a bridge to divide the traffic into non – conflicting areas that are distinct. To solve the network problem, a switch instead of a hub is used coupled with a bridge. The switch is helpful in tackling the issue of network problem. This is due to its immense capability to aid network traffic from one separate device to another device with no collision (Frye, 2007). In this way, multiple traffic ‘lanes’ are created. The switch, in this way will give a security layer since someone on the track of this network will need to ‘sniff’ the sources in multiple instead of one source as would be the case of using the bridge in collaboration with the hub.

The use of a router helps to optimize the efficiency of the network thus, in this way, increasing the network security (Frye, 2007).   This is given the fact that the network traffic at present is in ‘packets’ but no longer in a continuous stream. The router is capable of optimizing the computer algorithms to choose the suitable path for any one packet to follow. These packets are assembled again at the trip end to their initial form.

Routers use is a method of solving a function related to the network security. This is in the case where the router is equipped with the ACLs otherwise abbreviated as Access Control Lists (Cranor, 2005).  The essence of the ACL is to prevent the passage of the packets restricted from the ACL.

In conclusion, the network security proposal identifies the problem and solves it at the same time. This was possible through analyzing ZXY Inc which is a company lacking the most essential remote access policies and procedures. The analyzed problems were given a possible solution which was then defended to ensure it was a viable solution to network threat.

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