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My Three Basic Steps to Losing Weight

Nowadays people have become more aware of the impact of nutrition to their health but the move towards a good nutrition is faced with several challenges. To begin with, the wars between the food companies in winning customers is leaving the customers confused on what is nutritionally right or wrong. Almost all food companies are currently using high level of manufacturing technology and they spent a lot of money to develop their foods taste. They are trying to balance their products from cheap and unhealthy materials into a tasty and delicious food. This situation has made it necessary for people to be educated on what is nutritionally right to eat and what foods are nutritional hazards.


Nutritional experts advise that the effects of the food we eat will be reflected in our future health; in fact, they use the phrase “You are what you eat” to imply that our health depends much on what we are taking in. Six months ago I got concerned with my overweight and I decided to lose some weight but I knew that I will not succeed if I do not learn from my previous diets mistakes. In Jaime Cabral essay “The Button on My Jeans” he says that “the day I thought was the most humiliating day of my life was the day my life was reshaped for the better.”(294).

Jaime words led me into reflecting on my life and think over my lifestyle. I asked myself, why do I always give up without any results whenever I begin on a journey to change the way I live? What should I do to keep my body and my health good? How can I reshape my life like Jaime Cabral did? Getting the answers to these questions has not been that simple; I have been searching online and asking people on how to commit oneself and be persistent in doing a task which is meant to reshape your life. It has been really hard to be honest with myself by writing these things down.

After a while of doing this research, I realized that I got a full clear fusion about my new diet strategies. From this point I will talk about the three steps that I realized were going to work in my endeavor to lose weight. In particular, I will mention how my weight has been affected by following a tasty fresh and healthy diet.

To begin with, I had to put in mind that small and regular healthy meals keeps obesity away. This point is about organizing and eating the fresh and healthy food. It is common to most people to have three meals a day, which are the breakfast, Lunch and dinner.  Nevertheless, majority of people skip at least one of these three meal times while some do not eat each meal at a particular time. For example, many people who wake up late in the morning tend to switch up between the lunch and the breakfast and later take lunch and dinner as one meal. Then in next day they wake up early so they eat each meal in entirely different time than the previous day. That practice has been cited as one of the major causes of obesity.

Additionally, people are eating different kind of food and they do not stop to think what exactly they are eating. It is crucial to understand that our bodies require different kinds of supplies such as protein, carbohydrate and vitamins and each of them must be in every meal considered balanced diet. Furthermore, organizing meal time is essential since this helps our stomachs in setting up automatically to digesting food for everyday in specific time. Changing meal time affects the digestion process in the stomach such that the body keeps the food for long and this is one factor leading to obesity.

The other fueling factor to obesity is taking of fast foods. People nowadays adore fast food ignoring the facts of this food. Everybody knows that fast food saves time, money and it is extremely delicious. The fact is that fast food is junk food which means it is harmful for our health. In addition, the junk food contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates, which makes it easy to gain weight from this food. It is important to learn how to cook a fresh and healthy food and to make it tasty. It is easy to cook a fresh chicken with low fat oil and little spices instead of eating fast food chicken.

Sometimes people in between the meals needs to eat something and most of them choose to eat dessert or candies and sometimes they eat sandwiches or chips; this is another cause of obesity. Although these are some of the foods that people find difficult to quit eating, we have too, if we really need to lose weight. I believe we can solve this problem by replacing these sweets or snacks by a piece of fruit or by piece of brown toast. Furthermore, instead of changing our eating plan or take care of what we are eating, we need to move our bodies, we have to do some exercise to keep our blood moving and renewed. Working-out destroys obesity so we have to work out at least once a week.        

To sum up, I believe if we do these three steps we can control our bodies and our weights. If we understand the purpose of each of these steps we will absolutely lose weight. I advise everyone to try doing something he/she believes in because if you believe in something you will do it. Obesity is really bad for our health so we have to do something if we need to deal with it and we should never give up until we reach our goal.

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