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Marketing Research Report

Introduction and background:

One Stop Shopping mall is a location off Birmingham City University. From the name, it offers a massive amount of services and products to a huge customer base. The shopping structure has a correlative position that provides convenient and efficient opportunities to its customers. The idea revolves around selling bulky products to all categories of clienteles. The shopping centre and retail Park bustles with activities and actions that is relative to a busy commercial centre. At only three miles away from the city centre, the location is strategic. The arrays of stores have a blend of unique stars and popular chains that include New Look, Burtons, Argos Extra, and Dorothy Perkins among others. Essentially, one cannot afford to look anywhere else while at the mall. Additional to its collective activity ratings and alternative structure rating, the presence of refreshment stores like Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, and Greggs is a perfect solace. Pubs like Arthur Robertson are operational and the deal appears to stand tall at the service ratings and canonical standards. The proximity of the mall to the City University is an ideal spot to attract a large seasonal range of students streaming in and out of the university. This type of customer base is diverse and contains a variety of standardized features that relate to its size and convenience. In the last two months, a number of students from Birmingham City University conducted a research relating to the Shopping mall. The respondents to the research included sample students from the University. The number and gender varied considering the availability of the students and the dominant interest. The respondents included a undergraduate students. The main elements of the research covered a variety of elements regarding undergraduate student usage of the facility. The specific nuances included the current trends of usage of the mall. The following premises determined the answers to the interview and research questions;

ü  The behavioral information: this focused on the students’ activities. These include the current patterns and usage of the mall by the students.

ü  Student attitude assessments of the Shopping Mall: This covered areas of feelings and perceptions to the mall. The attitude assessment dwelt upon particular areas of retail outlet perceptions and evidential elements of marketing mix.

The research methodology

The research methodology comprised a variety of tabulated procedures that extolled on the dominant d aims listed. The criterion connected to the pilot analysis phase. The survey comprised a quota sample totaling twenty undergraduate students of the North City Campus. The respondent analysis dwelt on the principle of self-completion (Bradley, 2010).

The subsequent sections of this report outline the research findings. The format entails a summative form of the chief findings. The next column contains various recommendations and conclusions to the research data.

Findings Summary                                                                                                                            

The current trend of undergraduate student usage of One-Stop Shopping Centre

From the interviews and questionnaire reviews, an interesting trend of student usage emerged. The particular areas that the research covered included the activities that the students do on normal days at the Centre. These included elements like visiting frequencies, the time, and length of visits to the premises. The last item under this standard entailed the stores that received the most number of visits and the reasons for each visit. From the survey, it became apparent that most of the students frequented the centre. The data explication created a divide between male and female visitors. The number of female visitors indicated an average of three visits per day with the ratings going higher to twenty-five per week. The male counterparts had a slightly lower turnout at the mall. The average number of male presence per day stood at one to two times a day. The weekly tabulations did not help either because the figure dropped considerably to ten times per student. The female respondents revealed that the normal activities at the centre were numerous and aligned. The dominant trend that emerged in the female focused on cosmetics and beauty shops like New look and Shoe zone. The major component of the female world became a connecting range of beauty products and refreshment stores. The normal days of the week like Monday to Friday did not experience a great turnout from the students like Saturdays and Sundays. A critical exposure revealed a certain influx towards the end of the days from 7-8pm on Monday to Wednesday and 10pm on Thursday onwards. The duration spent at the mall depended on the activities and the time of the day. The male turnout at the centre projected an apparent increment after the opening of the new pub (Arthur Robertson Pub).

Student attitudes information

The feelings of the students to the centre experienced fluctuating fallout. The convenience of the place and the feelings of the place surrounded various attitudes of the students. Most of the students had an immense attraction to the events of the place. Many students had an immense attraction to particular events and promotions of the December festive seasons. The first promotion was the shoppers’ bounty shopping value of one hundred Euros. The event ran from 26 November to 23 December. This contributed tremendously to the attitude change and the numerous visits to the centre. The school choir event became another source of visits to the centre. Many student couples attended the event in a bid to enjoy the student talent explosion and often left overjoyed. The serene environment and adequate space endear the centre to many students. Many students displayed a high degree of positive image of the centre. The percentage of students who had a positive perception of the centre hit a remarkable 92%. A great number of students preferred the centre to a variety of convenient stores on the region like Seven Elevens and E marts. An average of 21% regarded the difference between the centres as negligible and preferred the nearby convenient stores for their needs. Generally, approximately 88% of the students regarded the place as friendly, clean, and trendy.


From the data, it became apparent that most students had remarkable strongholds to the centre. From the research, the female students became the dominant clienteles to the centre. They had certain conspicuous stores that emerged in their shopping sprees. The male counterparts revealed a contrite percentage to the overall turnout. The number of males was lower compared to the female client base. The presence of a new pub in the centre from the favorite Weather spoons Pubs. There emerged a particular preference for the centre during the beginning of the semester sessions. At these times, the bookstores and related outlets gained the trust of several students. They offered opportunities to order books online and state certain preference utilities at the end of the sale. The online order placement technique became a way of ensuring that all the book demands of the students were available. The bookstore emerged to possess a strong correlation to the students’ brand preferences. The presence of enduring accompaniments and intrinsic student needs is appealing. The hegemonic stances that erupt from certain periods are commendable. The festive seasons emerged as a critical period to attract clients and build their trust.


The research presented an intriguing situation of the One-Stop Shop concerning student attachments and clientele building techniques. The results targeted the undergraduate students. However, the sample data represented a wider variety of students with interest in the centre. According to McGovern, the marketing strategies that revolved around the program included the following.

-  Timely communication: the centre had a consistent avenue for communicating its events, promotions and product introductions

-  The inclusive approach: this became vital when the centre organized school choir fairs to attract the student capacity surrounding its territory (2008).

Despite these shortcomings, the centre has the following shortcomings to remedy. The timelines of the marketing option appears to clash. The students’ response confessed of an exam period during the choir performances. These reduced the number of attendances. The probable intention to attract other students did not receive full support. The centre has an obligation to establish level rated programs and cafes that promote studies. This ensures that many students can meet at the centre and hold study discussions. This is critical in marketing approaches.

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