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Intersex Children

All parents want to see the children healthy and happy. It is important for them to be sure that their kids develop normally and do not differ from other children. That is why they are totally unprepared to meet the news that their children are intersex.


What do parents, who face with such problem, have to do? First of all, it is important not to blame the children. Parents have to support them through thick and thin and help to become a part of society. It is necessary to explain intersex children that they are normal and do all possible for their happy childhood. If I were on the position of such kids’ parents, I would give my child a lot of love to protect him from all sneers. I strongly believe that only unconditional kind of love can help intersex children to maintain better balance in their lives.

Parent also should be careful in the relationship with friends and relatives. On my opinion, they need to keep in secret intersexuality of their children. Of course, parents can ask for advice some close friends and relatives, but they have to be sure that these people will not reveal the truth for others.

Many parents search the solution of this problem in hospitals. There is a widespread practice of performing coercive surgery on infants and children with sexually indeterminate or hermaphroditic anatomy in the name of normalizing these bodies. (Butler, 2004, 4) On the one hand, it can easily solve the problem. On the other hand, no one has the right to determine which people are normal and which are not.

To sum up, intersex children are not the grief of their parents. They are normal kids, who simply need special approaches. Only unconditionally loving relationship with parents can help them to become a valuable part of society.

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