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Computer Science and Criminal Justice

Clements, S. (2008). The challenge of crime in a free society, Nottingham 1918-1969. PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham.


Clements, who is a criminology scholar in the New York University, expounds on the different kinds of crimes and their causes. The scholar notes that there is a rise in the technologically related crimes and this has been because of growth in technology. There has been an increase in computer crimes with most of them being related to money theft.  In his comment, Clement (2008), notes that the harm done by computer related crimes is far worse than those of the traditional felony are. This is because computer related crimes result with stealing of large amounts of money and some sensitive documents of the affected organization or a bank. According to the scholar, in the year 1999 banks in the United States lost an estimate of two billion dollars through computer crimes. This also affected the government related firms and businesses to an extent of them operating at a loss due to the money stolen.

According to Clement, lack of enough experience in ways to curb this kind of crime has led to its growth and expansion to more sensitive areas in the government. This makes most of such computer related crimes go undetected, hence, ending up with huge losses of funds even in the government sectors.

Payment, S. (2004). Crime detection and investigating procedure. New York: Rosen Publishing Group.

Payment is an officer in the criminal investigating agency in the United States. Having been in the sector for decades, the officer describes the grave nature of computer related crimes to the society. He notes that as with any kind of suspected or discovered crime, the major goal is to identify the who, why, how, and when all these relates to the crime committed. In technological crimes such as those regarding the use of computers, Payment states that a lot of time and money is needed before coming up with the answers to the crime in reference. Before coming up with the results of computer related crimes, there has to be comprehensive investigation, which takes three phases. In the first place, Payment states that the investigating team must consider the system used in carrying out the criminal activity. The expertise of the group should also be taken into consideration and this will help in determining the best system to be used in the investigation.

Weatherford, D. (2009). Criminology and crime control. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis     Publishers.

This paper starts by identifying that a crime is anything done against the society either directly or indirectly. Weatherford, a criminology scholar, states that crime is either physical or mental. In his context, the writer starts by recounting crimes committed by the use of computer knowledge and their effects. Weatherford recounts how banks lost billions of money through theft by use of fraud computer software in the year 2005. Use of the modern technology in criminal activities is very evident in the modern world. This is due to its ability to go undetected in cases where the criminals have the expertise in the operations. For example, in France in 1996, a computer hacker found guilty of stealing $300,000 from a national bank was executed. This shows how grave the use of technology in robbery can be in major businesses and government institutions.

The scholar also expounds on the issues of criminal justice, which is also closely related to criminology. He starts by giving the meaning of criminal justice where he says that criminal justice refers to a system of government mandated with ensuring straight legal set up and controlling criminal activities. It is the obligation of government to ensure stability in its country and this can only be maintained by ensuring that the citizens act according to the legal frameworks of the country. Those who violate the law should, therefore, be sanctioned and arrested in order to control crime.

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