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Impact of EFQM on Dubai Municipality and its Performance

Business Research Paper Introduction

Business excellence is a measure of the quality of services and products that many entities provide to their consumers. The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model is a model that is used by an increasing number of organizations as a framework to encourage collaboration, cooperation and innovation to achieve the stated goals (European Foundation Quality Management 2014, p. 1).


The use of the EFQM model is embraced by Dubai Municipality as one of the most progressive municipalities in the Middle East. A number of initiatives such as e-Government and many other technological innovations have been implemented to help the municipality achieve its objectives. As a result, the technological transformation has enabled the municipality to provide services in more effective and efficient ways. Dubai Municipality has been always improving the delivery of public services, and hence it is increasing the satisfaction of the clients across the United Arab Emirates.

In order to achieve business excellence, as supposed in the strategic planning and mission, Dubai Municipality has used the EFQM Model to create an overarching framework for promoting sustainable development. The selected topic is significant while it gives an insight into the effectiveness of the EFQM model, proper application of which has enabled DM to provide better services to its clients.

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Key Research Questions, Objectives, and Aims

The aim of this project is to understand how the DM has used the EFQM model to improve its service providers in recent years. It will also help to reveal the objectives that have guided the enactment of various management policies and the adoption of the key model EFQM to deliver efficient services to the clients as envisioned in the vision and mission. The following research questions are guiding the research and analysis of the report.

  1. What are the core values of the Dubai Municipality?
  2. What model is the DM following? Why is the model being utilized and how is it implemented?
  3. What is the impact of business excellence implementation on the Dubai Municipality?
  4. What are the results of using business excellence in DM systems and performance?

Business Research Paper Literature Review

The Dubai Municipality is an administrative unity of Dubai which is aimed at creating an excellent city with the capacity to provide the essence of success and comfort for sustainable living. To achieve this vision, DM uses the EFQM model of management to attain excellence through the quality management system that includes documentation of all quality control processes (Nicoletti 2012, p. 54). The EFQM excellence model is a business framework for organizational management systems which includes nine criteria. Five of these are enablers while the rest are results. Enablers are leadership, strategy, people, processes and partnership. Results include customer perceptions, people results, society results, and business results (Proving and Improving n.d.).

DM mission is stated as planning, building, designing and managing the infrastructure, services, and facilities in the municipality using appropriate investment in people and other resources (Dubai Municipality n.d.). The focus for Dubai Municipality has always been on the need to improve the efficiency in service delivery. The management, therefore, adapted laws, legislations, policies, and systems to help spur up the investment opportunities for people in the Emirate and encourage development. To achieve this, the DM has come up with a comprehensive urban development plan for monitoring and regulating the activities that take place in the municipality (Geray & Al Bastaki 2005, p. 45).

The plan also helps to ensure that internationally recognized models such as the EFQM are observed by the administration of the municipality during the planning and implementation of service strategies. The implementation of the EFQM model, which enables the administration to achieve the best management practices, assesses performance and identifies the major areas that require direct improvement (European Foundation Quality Management 2014, p. 1). Furthermore, for DM, the EFQM model is especially important because it can be integrated easily. DM as a public entity has managed to maintain quality improvement through identification of areas that might complicate/prevent the attainment of the highest quality standards of their services and products.

Business Research Paper Methodology

During the implementation of this project, a qualitative method was used to collect data. First, the data was collected from the published documents concerning the practices at the Dubai Municipality. The data sources also involved reports on excellence in the management of activities by public entities in the United Arab Emirates. The collected data were analyzed depending on what the researcher was looking for in the research questions (Creswell 2007, p. 13). The selection of sources for primary data collection was guided by the criteria of reliability of data as well as the currency of the information.

Profile of Dubai Municipality

The Dubai Municipality is a public administrative unit that serves the aim of providing excellent services to its clients living in Dubai. The sectors are divided into departments and offices reporting to the Director-General, which include “Planning and Building Sector, General Projects Sector, Environment, and Public Health Sector, Finance Sector, Administration and General Services Sector and finally the Technical Services Sector” (Dubai Municipality n.d.). The division of the municipality into various distinct departments is aimed at achieving efficiency and ensuring that the best practices as defined in the EFQM are followed. The municipality is led by a chairman who is supported by a municipal council.

Such structure makes the administration of the seven departments not only easier but also supportive of the overall core values of the unit. The municipality has emphasized the e-Government strategies throughout its departments as a way of achieving optimized services and maximization of allotted budgets to departments (Dubai Municipality n.d.). Emphasis is also put on the maintenance of good working relations, good customer care services, continuous innovation and long-term sustainability of services and projects.

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Data Analysis in Business Research Paper

The EFQM as used at DM reflects the vision and mission of the entity, which is to develop a continuous plan, design and manage the infrastructure and related facilities through appropriate investment. The entity initiated activities that enabled it to achieve the best practice in the management of wastes, ensure good working relationships and streamline customer service to the residents of Dubai (Geray & Al Bastaki 2005, p. 23).

As a result, there has been an emphasis on the adoption of environment-friendly processes in the operations and execution of activities in the city. In terms of the values espoused by DM, investment was made to empower the employees as the real assets of the organization (Fallon, Begun & Riley 2013, p. 45).

This is in line with the EFQM model where the quality management model requires public entities to provide the tools and skills to its employees. The entity is also committed to partnership and appreciation of the needs of the residents, suppliers and other stakeholders who are the recipients of the services that it provides. The organization invests in transformative activities with the focus on change and an affinity for positive development throughout the areas that it serves.

The DM also invests in high-quality performance by having e-Government and other IT related services to facilitate the provision of services to its clients. The implementation of business excellence through e-Government and other high-end technology services has made the DM a leader not just in the United Arab Emirates but also across the Middle East with excellent services. The implementation of business excellence systems also allows the municipality to achieve unprecedented interdependence within its internal structure and also with other external stakeholders (Rocha-Lona, Garza-Reyes & Kumar 2013, p. 77). For instance, the public entity is able to communicate with suppliers on time to allow faster and uninterrupted delivery of services.

Business Research Paper Discussion and Conclusions

Management of quality and business excellence is at the center of the activities and initiatives undertaken by the Dubai Municipality. The changing client expectations and needs, as well as emerging trends in the provision of services, make the municipality use innovative and creative ways to deliver services to the clients. The EFQM model empowers the entity with principles of quality management that guide the process of achieving the set objectives and goals.

In order to provide excellent services, DM has implemented an organizational structure with different departments dedicated to different sectors. Each of these departments has its own targets and uses accepted standards to deliver services. In conclusion, the initiatives undertaken at DM following the adoption of the EFQM standards are aimed solely at making the entity competitive in the sectors where it operates.

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