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American-Asians: The Filipinos

Filipinos is one of the communities in the world that went through the same social struggle in the United States like the Black-Americans. When a number of them were brought to the US to provide labor and to serve as stewards in the Navy, their population began to increase. This was even facilitated by the fact that the US colonized the Filipinos reducing the cases of restriction towards traveling and immigrating to the US (Espana-Maram, 2006). The challenge that came thereafter was the intense social segregation that they were exposed to by the whites (Patacsil, Guevarra, Tuyay & Filipino American National Historical Society, 2010). With the persistent and widespread social oppression during that time, it was found out that they had to look for alternatives while seeking their social identity. The only town where most of them coalesced was a downtown of San Diego commonly referred to as the “Skid rows” (Pai, 1989). After they were completely restricted from free movement and even social interaction with the whites, most of them settled in the skid rows where they began to operate businesses and gain entertainment (Espana-Maram, 2006). This town was dominated by all the social filth, but it acted like the dumpsite for the immigrants. The recreational activities like the dances and the games, Filipino immigrant men engaged in this place, promoted the sense of belonging among them, and sealed the ethnic integration and cultural identity (Patacsil, Guevarra, Tuyay & Filipino American National Historical Society, 2010). Due to the threat of being overtaken and disturbed by the other minority immigrants, the Filipinos realized that the resources in this place were few and it is necessary to defend livelihood (Pai, 1989).


It is worth to note that the immigrants virtually controlled the economy of this part of the town and, hence, in the spirit of solidarity, became aggressive in order to defend themselves from any interference. Filipinos gained control over the town due to their overwhelming male population growth; they also enjoyed entertainment to come over social stress and this intensified their control of the place.

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