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Nursing Informatics Web Evaluation

Nursing Informatics Web Evaluation

In the first scenario, I would look into the three suggested websites and recommend as it is the most suitable for the needs of Mrs. Davis. My choice of website for Mrs. Davis is not groundless. Let us analyze each of the three internet sites by turn. The website focuses on one person, Doctor Peter D’adamo, together with his works, his achievements, and his ideas. Even though the person of Doctor D’adamo receives much praise from other important figures from both the medical and non-medical realms, like, for example, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, he is still a one-man project. Since numerous studies confirm that Web users do not evaluate quality when looking for health data online (Meric, et al., 2002; Eysenbach & Kohler, 2002), I would make it clear to Mrs. Davis that the website does not give clear and specific instructions, which could be helpful for a person looking for non-biased information.

Moreover, the website does not provide a person with information on how to deal with overweight and obesity. What is certain is that the person of Doctor D’adamo, as well as his book “Eat Right For Your Type”, are the phenomena to which the internet resource wants to attract the attention of the viewers. It should be pointed out that Doctor D’adamo position himself as a specialist in naturopathy, which is a type of alternative medicine. It has diverse legislative regulations across the United States and Canada due to controversial issues related to naturopathic practice and drug prescription. However, in South Carolina and Tennessee, naturopathy is totally prohibited. In other words, this website works more for commercial purposes and to a certain extent for political ones rather than educative ones. Therefore, websites cannot be judged as unbiased. It is supported by the fact that current scholarly medical resources are not referenced in the information presented on the website. The most suspicious feature about website is the information that ”the statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.”(“Official Website of Doctor Peter D’adamo”, n.d) is at the very bottom, where it takes a certain effort to scroll down to see it. This should make this website even more doubtful since research states that quite a lot of websites on health information do not contain the writing of medical specialists (Eastin, 2001). 


The website provides information on the project by First Lady Michelle Obama on how the United States can transform the attitude towards the information policies responsible for educating the American population on healthy eating habits. Since Michelle Obama is a political figure and her name turns up in different parts of the website, it is hard to tell that the sole purpose of the presented information would assist people like Mrs. Davis and her two sons. If this website cannot be evaluated as advertising a commercial project, it can be described as the “Let’s Move project” by Michelle Obama. Some information that Mrs. Davis could find helpful is contained in the article Learn the Facts, but only in terms of the human practices in America that have led to the current condition of obesity in America. Mrs. Davis can infer from the article that, for example, eating many snacks and drinking too many sugar-sweetened beverages a day can contribute to the problem, and, therefore, make corrections to the food eaten at least at home. Again, such information as in Learn the Facts, is more focused on history rather than consulting a person about issues of excessive weight. Finally, the website does not state that it is “Reviewed by health care specialists”.

The last website, which is under our consideration, is the one that I would recommend use. It does contain the statement “Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Medical Center” (“Behavior Modification Ideas for Weight Management”, n.d).  

The purpose of the information is clearly stated “to give ideas to help you meet your goals of weight management” (“Behavior Modification Ideas for Weight Management”, n.d). The information comes directly from the UCSF Medical Center and contains valuable practical advice that Mrs. Davis can even hang in the kitchen like some sort of “Eating Commandments” that her family could adhere to for the sake of a healthier lifestyle.

Generally, my advice to Mrs. Davis would be to look for information on such websites, where there is no evidence of controversy, commercial or political issues, and lack of qualified reviewing or sources. 

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