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Community Nurses Roles in Men’s Health



Health Conditions Among Males in California

Men’s health is a major concern to society today. Behavioral and socio-cultural factors have largely contributed to poor health conditions among males. Besides, genetic predispositions also have some implications on this issue. This essay discusses some of the factors that affect men’s health in my community, as well as the role of community nurses in resolving this issue.

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Various conditions influence men’s health in my community in California. Firstly, it is such a genetic factor as a weak immune system. The latter is more fragile in men as compared to women. As such, they become more vulnerable to diseases. Socio-cultural factors also determine men’s well-being. For instance, they are more preoccupied with success than women are. The situation has become worse in modern society where they have to provide for their families at these tough economic times.

Thus, they are too busy and lack time to rest or engage in recreational activities, and it adversely affects their health. Additionally, men feel restricted emotionality and cannot express their feelings freely. For example, it is inappropriate for a man to shed tears publicly in my community. As such, they suffer in silence with their problems affecting their health.

Behavioral issues are also other factors that have mostly affected men’s health in the community. Men are more likely to use drugs than women. A considerable number of former abuse drugs, including cocaine, tobacco, and alcohol among others. According to the California Department of Public Health (2015), approximately 15.1% of men smoked compared to 8.5% of women in 2013. These differences exist today. The statistics are a clear indication of behavioral factors that expose men to health problems. The lack of physical exercise is also another issue that puts men at risk of suffering from weight-related complications. This inactivity can result in hypertension and heart-related problems.

Roles of Community Nurses

Community nurses play several roles in enhancing men’s health. Firstly, it is patient advocacy, which entails a nurse speaking for patients. For instance, the former may oppose policies that seem to demote the latter. In addition, it involves explaining certain information to the patient so that he or she can accept a particular type of treatment (Kulbok, Thatcher, Park, & Meszaros, 2012). Therefore, the nurse can advocate for such certain policies as the early diagnosis of prostate cancer in all men to enhance their health.

Community nurses also have the responsibility of being educators. They ought to share information with patients about certain topics. This act can be done through formal meetings, as well as online or formal classes. Educating patients involves answering any question that they may have and teaching them on a particular subject of concern (Kulbok et al., 2012). For instance, the nurse can teach men the effects of alcohol on their health. He or she may also teach them about the importance of physical exercise.

Another significant role of nurses is being facilitators. They can bring groups of people together, particularly those with a common problem. By doing so, they can train them to carry out certain tasks, which are easily achievable when people work as a group (Lundy & Janes, 2009). For instance, if a group of men in the region is suffering from depression, the nurse can be a facilitator by teaching them several strategies of reducing it. Such a professional also monitors treatment to ensure that patients follow the instructions and medication as required.

Discussion Thread Response Conclusion

In conclusion, major factors adversely affect men in my community. Some of them like genetic ones cannot be controlled since they are natural. However, socio-cultural and behavioral ones can be regulated if a person is cautious. A change in one’s lifestyle can play a vital role in this process. On the other hand, community health nurses need to play their roles as educators and facilitators in ensuring that men's health is improved.

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