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Victoria and Albert Museum Management

Operations management is concerned with the production, distribution and project management activities carried out in an organization. This research is aimed at evaluating the operations management of the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is in terms of its ability to reach operational objectives and implement modern ‘best practices’.  It seeks to assess the operations of Victoria and Albert Museum. Victoria and Albert Museum Services offer a wide range of services among them preservation of essential objects that remain as a memory to the generations to come.

A museum is an empowering institution meant to incorporate all who would become part of our shared cultural experience. Museums are historic buildings with the aim of acquisition and preservation of objects, the acquisition of knowledge by the study of objects, and diffusion of knowledge for the enrichment of the life of the people (Darby,1983). The office of Victoria and Albert Museum Services provides competitive grants to the museum to improve the museum programs and operations amongst other activities as I will discuss in this context. There are various that can be used to identify and analyze the activities of the museum. Examples include; rational analysis model, socio-technical model, cognitive model and the natural system model


The Victoria and Albert museum in London is an institution that shares cultural experience to the people. The office operations of this museum determine the output in the end of every strategic plan. One of the main objectives of this museum is to support and conserve the Nations historic, scientific and cultural heritage. Maintaining and expanding the museum and its libraries is also another aim of the museum. However, to carry out all these activities have been delayed because of the financial burden borne by the museum as a result of increased public use. To be able to meet its targets, they can apply the rational model while making policies. Examining their financial policies using rational analysis will help them ensure that they incur fewer costs than the benefits being produced. However there are factors to be considered and alternatives must be evaluated too.

Another strategy by the museum management is to attract more people. This to ensure that there is a constant flow of income. The museum can improve on the aspect of technology. This is in other words incorporating the socio-technical model in their operations. More use of internet by the management to promote the museum to all parts of the country will help the museum reach more people. More visitors will increase the annual revenue of the museum hence development and growth will be realized sooner.

Maintaining the museum and its resources is the role of the management. This is an exercise that requires enough capital and a strategic plan that is for the good of the museum. Cognitive model can be best applied in this situation. This is a model that focuses on how processes in a business interact. Making decisions on the use of resources and maintaining them can be the two processes in this context. The model focuses on the development of the business and how a new structure in the business will affect the productivity.

When an institution wants to be proper in performance, they should give their customers first priority. They should make customers feel that the firms care about them and respect them. When organizations meet these conditions, the clients are likely to return. When an organization offers superior customer services, it can charge high prices, realize extra profits and increase its market share.  Satisfying the customers service, will maintain an average customer’s lifetime with an organization. Resolving customers’ problems in a satisfactory manner will make them return and be loyal to the organization.

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