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Strategic HRM DQ

Diversity in workforce is a vital component in strategic staffing.  It applies in order to ensure that potential of employees is exploited and also to ensure that hiring is done according to legal framework which prohibits discrimination of workers on bases of culture, age, gender, or race (Mochai, 2003).  The benefits of diversity of workforce are mainly related to exploration of potential of the employees.  It also helps to deal with forms of workplace discrimination especially those related to gender and race.  The disadvantage of the choice is that concentration on diversity may lead to leaving out employees of great abilities while trying to strike a balance.


Filling openings

Once the need to fill an open comes up in an organization it is crucial that a strategy is drawn on how to fix it.  One choice that the company has is to use the available employees to fill the opening before going for a recruitment process.  The major benefit of using the existing employees to fill the opening is that it is relatively easier to orient them on the open than when the organization goes for new recruits (Mochai, 2003).  Secondly, developing or retaining of employees is beneficial to the organization since in most cases the status quo of the organization keeps improving.

The limitation of this strategy is mainly related to shortage of employees in some areas due to employee transfer (Mochai, 2003).

Q2: Why is training such a critical strategic issue for business organizations? Explain and provide a real world example.

Training of employees in an organization is not only essential to new recruits but also to employees who have served long in the organization.  Training of employees functions as a defense in occurrence of unexpected departure of employee(s) and also to ensure that they are aware of the organization’s procedures (Mochai, 2003).  To the new employees, training is important for the obvious reason-to familiarize them with the organizations expectations.

The Coca Cola Company is an example of an organization that upholds strongly the idea of employees training and development.  In Great Britain, it has the Coca Cola University which offers on-the-job learning courses in classroom and through e-learning (Journey staff, 2012).   There is also an intranet in the company which aims at ensuring that every employee has access to information regarding the company.  The principle idea of this company in availing these facilities is to ensure personal development of the employees, improve leadership, and to promote functional expertise (Journey staff, 2012).

Q3: What short-run, long-run and policy options are available to employers in lieu of layoffs? Explain.

Layoffs are at times unavoidable but the human resource department has the ability to respond to the situation either through short-run or a long-run process.  Short-run options include mandatory vacations, salary reduction, a cut in overtime, or even a temporary shutdown of the organization (Gandolfi, 2008).  Long-run options on the other hand include maintaining communication network with the layoffs and planning bonuses in case of rehiring (Gandolfi, 2008).  However, it is important for a company to determine the importance of the employees from two points of view; one it may decide to view employees as a cost that need to be cut and secondly, view employees as assets that need to be developed.

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