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Human Resource Management

Culture is a way of life it determines how people live their lives, and how they carry out their day to day activities. Every community around the world has its own culture, and behavior: their lifestyles are determined by these cultures. Culture determines what kind of technology people adopt, it also determines the kind of leadership that is found among a group of people and the policies and practices that influence the economic practices of such a group of people. Culture therefore determines what a community is and how it runs its affairs. Some political views have developed as along the cultural lines what generations have handed down from one to another have been used to shape and forge the future. It is worth noting though that some cultural practices do hold back a lot of benefits back from the community.



Governance in many communities is based on cultural beliefs, ideologies and policies of governance are shaped by what the community stands for. The success of such policies as these, depend on how much faith people have in their traditions. Past policies take time before they are changed in such a setting and governance becomes an integral part of people`s lives.

The government is headed by an all powerful sultan whose power and word are absolute. The public sector leads by example in Brunei it challenges the private sector to offer good terms of employment to its employees which include; commensurate pay, sufficient annual leave, promotions, employment etiquette, retirement benefits(Jackson, 2002 p150).


The economy of a group of people can also be affected by their cultural practices take Brunei for instance. Many economies around the world especially the major ones are shaped and based on past historical events and mistakes. In Brunei cultures dictate that sultan holds the absolute power and situations change only at his discretion. The employment policies are very clear it follows laid down practices and government orders, as well as, circulars and such policies can only be bent by the sultan himself therefore economic emancipation of people status are directly influenced by the sultan.


It is the driving force of the world today the technological advances that have come to be are making it necessary for countries around the world to change. Technology has changed the world in the economic sense and every government tries what is best for its economy. Technology has been used so far to increase revenue collection, revolutionize recruitment and as a means of passing around government policies (Kleynhans, 2006 p80). This is visible in Brunei: adoption of a new system and technologically advanced way of hiring and recruiting people is technology at play it banks on the values of this society and made in such a way that it meets their needs.

The current HRM practices used in Brunei dates back as early as 1962. This means they have been in use in the society for a long time. The procedure of hiring, promoting, and laying off employees follows a certain path as dictated by the general order, and state circulars. The role of these circulars is to harmonize the HRM practices across Brunei. Sultan of Brunei who is the traditional leader, and the customs custodian of the people assents on these circulars. It is necessary for any government to regulate and harmonize policies in any labor market (Adhia, H. 2007 p40).

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