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Challenges of Management

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Challenges of Management

Management is an organizational practice that comprises tactical planning, managing assets, organizing the human and monetary assets required to accomplish goals, leading, controlling, and determining outcomes. It also deals with recording and keeping details and information for it to be utilized later for an organization. Management roles are not restricted to administrators and managers.

Each member of an organization has some administration and reporting roles as a component of their work. Management is well thought out to be an imperative part of any successful company or corporate business. It can also be articulated as an activity that deals with guiding and supervising personnel or a group of a single or more people or individuals in any organization to harmonize and balance them towards realizing the business broad, administration or a division, or perhaps even individual goals for their corporations to get some desired objectives laid down by the firm. (Daft, 2011)

Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are all management functions. Thus, they all play a key part in a manager's work. Leadership deals with the interpersonal feature of a manager's responsibility, while planning, organizing, and controlling are more concerned with the managerial part. Management deals more with the task of carrying out the organization's objectives and preserving a balance.

The function of planning is to give guidelines to managers and non-managers equally. It helps the manager to prepare accordantly to look forward to any change and to build up any efficient response to it. Planning helps in delegating tasks. It also recognizes such goals as techniques and responsibilities to complete their requirements.

Planning lays down the stage for what the business will do, both internationally and specifically. When managers plan accordantly, they develop goals and objectives. Without planning, there is no way to achieve the required goals. Management times and again covers the employment and the control of human and fiscal resources, scientific resources, and natural resources. Management has been seen to evolve with the changing time. This is as a consequence of devolution in the structure of the organization where management has advanced resulting in some modifications, in the obligations of management. (Dyck & Neubert, 2008)

In this day and age, management primarily focuses on smoothing the progress of the activities of the personnel relatively rather than controlling them, as it was traditional in previous days. Good management is the greatest instrument to guarantee efficiency in an organization or a corporation. The organization is a crucial function of management as it is used to establish the intended agreement of the people at the enterprise to achieve a particular goal. This tool is also used to put together the resources to realize the ideal goals established during the planning course. Organization entails the splitting up of work among workers from diverse backgrounds and races.

It works as certain proficient lines of accountability and authority. More distinctively the stage of organizing may be described as the process of reasonably grouping activities, marking out authority, accountability, and forming working relationships that facilitate the employees, and thus the whole unit, to work with utmost effectiveness. Every organization has to have objectives such as, revenues, market shares, expansion, and value of products service. Leading as a function of management is more concerned with operating with and through people to realize organizational goals. Each company has the best chance of doing well when all the employees work together to realize the organization of the goals. (Roughton & Mercurio, 2002)

Also leading is an extremely essential behavior amid management, member of staff, and leaders. These behavioral theories of leadership seek to clarify the relationship between what the leaders did and how the employees responded, both expressively and behaviorally. The controlling process ascertains that plans are being executed correctly for each organization. It is a constant flow that determines and evaluates. Last but not least coordination is taking an orderly approach to finding out what is expected of you to be done if you are doing something.

An effective organization can look out for faults and weak points in the structure of the organization by observing and controlling response. This is done to make sure all activities match the plan’s guidelines and commands, as it was set up by the management. It is also done to make sure the performance does not move away from the business values. The organization also entails examining the development of the firm and making sure that the objectives set are obtained.

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Quality management can be described as the organizational measures and formations that put quality management into business practice. To guarantee that there is quality management in the organization, some measures must be followed. For example, in a business setting there ought to be complete control of the activities occurring to make sure that all runs efficiently. The manager should find ways of fulfilling most clients by continuously advancing the quality of management. (Cole, 2004)

An organization should adopt an attitude of total quality management that encourages this type of management in each step of its production. It is understood that count value or improving the value of goods will aid in selling because they will advance competitiveness. Total quality management simply necessitates one to the structure of operation in a company and putts into practice better techniques and thoughts.

The management should ensure that there is a close relationship between the personnel and the management where the personnel is permitted to make decisions at all stages. This makes them feel accountable and will be dedicated to their obligation without administration. For a manager to efficiently manage the employees, he or she needs to have a lucid understanding of the organization’s procedure that highlights the organization’s principles and objectives. (Cole, 2004)

One needs management skillfulness to achieve confidence and faith from people operating jointly in accomplishing the same objective. A good manager is the one who can see and overcome anything that blocks or deters the unification or growth of something – this is what makes management hard. He or she has also to be able to show all the methods of socializing that involve all the regulations, assumptions, customs, and outlooks that are widespread in a group of people. These regulations preside over and establish the regulations of how the person in that group exists and interrelates with other people.  Cultural obstacles are those barriers that come up as a consequence of the diverse cultures that live in a certain area.

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Some of the most widespread obstacles to carrying out business consist of misinterpretation of body language, lack of confidence among individuals, and dissimilarity in social behaviors among people of diverse cultural environments. An excellent and successful manager should also be influential in his whole assessment-making process. This goes hand in hand with self-belief even in the most complicated circumstances. This helps to infuse assurance in the subordinate even when things are hard.  (Dyck & Neubert, 2008)

A leader should also apply humbleness and should regularly take some time off to mingle with his group to preserve a good working bond with them. He should be capable of working under pressure, as showing any signs of limitation to his opponents would negatively impact the development of the company.

Poor management may lead to poor outcomes, leading to a decline in inefficiency. To ensure this does not happen in an organization with good management the manager should ensure that the company offers a training session for personnel for them to gain the best expertise. This provides the workers with information and skills on how to handle matters that are related to the organization. For instance, the staff in the manufacturing sector gets trained on how to manufacture quality products that would satisfy the clients.

The world we subsist in is changing at a disquieting speed as a result of all the new inventions that have been made over a long time.  These new inventions have been supported by the accessibility of enhanced learning services and tools. These were not available in the early days. The world we exist in is extremely reliant on inventions and technology to carry out the responsibilities. In addition, as a result of the highly developed technologies, people become more intellectually mature and for this reason, they are capable of carrying out more investigations of their own as well as make their discoveries. In the medical world, this has simplified management as well as other healing methods like surgery. (Montana, Bruce, Charnov, 2008)

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Through the times, the functions of a manager have been going through transformations due to the changes of the final participant’s behavior, budding organizational formation, and last but not least – fast technology advancement. Managers are forced to contain each change in any of the three to be capable of doing their job well. Presently, several managers are on the spot where they have to decide whether to change their current methods or not because the market and the adjoining regions of retailing are shifting unusually rapidly. This has been one of the greatest challenges that managers have had to endure as they manage their respective organizations. An additional transformation that affects managers is the change of organizational formation. When the main tasks of an organization alter, the inside configuration of the company also has to be altered, and that is where managers must do the best they can. To handle employees appropriately the fundamental step, they have to put into practice is choosing the most suitable theory of organization, the representation that goes well with their organization the most. (Montana, Bruce, Charnov, 2008)

In conclusion, with no management businesses and corporate industries would not be able to function well. The organization is a crucial function of management as it is used to establish the intended agreement of the people in the organization to achieve a particular goal. Management consists of numerous divisions that were brought collectively to form an extremely resourceful structure. This has been establishing through history and is still clear in the present society.

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