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What I Have Learned

When I first entered the class, I hoped it get better in understanding what usually happens to people when they deal with together. I expected that my experience would help me to deal with all consequences and cover all missing parts in my mind. However, the experience that was granted during the theater course was far beyond my expectations.

First of all, readings that were done to learn something new about theater were interesting enough to enhance my interest in rewarding as the origin. My literacy experience was lacking a spark that was granted by theater class. I recognized how learning can be fun and that was enough for me to do the best throughout the course.

Furthermore, I learned a lot about people. When we all tried to do our best with the assignment, the highest level of cooperation enhanced our learning and produced the environment that developed our skills. Readings also helped me to learn how people act as. Moreover, the discussion of those reading also helped me to understand those concepts of human actions and how they can be applied in real life.

Finally, I have learned a lot of new things that correlate with the course and enhanced many new skills. While the obvious part of our studying is that we are all equally successful in achieving the best possible results in this course, I have managed that people love to study when it is interesting for them. That understanding might help me in my future performance and all skills might help me to reach my goals.

To summarize the issue, it should be mentioned that I loved everything in the recent course as well as I find it very useful. Every skill that was granted by the teacher would enhance my future performance and help me in my future career. However, I am also glad to understand more about life as well as learn more about theater.

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