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Urban Planning

Question: Discuss the neoliberal argument that local government exerts too much influence over the society, economy and built environment of British cities.

I agree that the local government exerts too much pressure. The local government with respect to the society has put a lot of pressure that has resulted to problems. The pressure exerted to the society can be seen through the following;

  1. i. The education quality has reduced due to too much pressure on the schools. The carrying capacity per class has increased- there is an increase in the number of students in class due to the reduced number of schools. The changes in the population have led to increased pressure on the quality of leaning. Thus, the local government has failed to address the right of the society by raising this pressure.
  2. ii. The introduction of local social housing in the British cities has increase housing problem due to congestion.
  3. iii. Congestion caused by poor housing as well as increased number Automotives in the cities is problems raised due to poor planning from the local government.

The economy of the British cities has bulged due to too much pressure from the local government. The local government has privatized most of the assets that ought to bring revenue to the cities. For example privatization of most of the Stadiums to clubs has reduced the revenue allocations thereby increasing individual tax hence affecting the economy by reducing per capita income. Lack of good policies that attract international investment caused by poor local government policies has lead to slow growth of the cities hence reduced GDP leading to economic problems.

The already built environment is on pressure from the impact deduced from the local government. Congestion of vehicles among other Automotives has tempered with the quality of the built environment. Pollution from the local government industries is also a cause of alarm to the environment of the British cities.

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