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Due to the rapid changes in society, life is not always conventional. There are many challenges we go through in families such as divorce, deaths, work overload, getting used to a new environment and illness among others that bring a lot of strains. As a result of these unpredicted events, many families undergo a lot of stress, hence the need for communication and support. When communicating with people under stress, challenges are bound to arise. It might not be easy to gather and bring all the members together and talk. For example, if a family is going through a divorce it might be difficult to convince the parents to sit together and sort out their issues for the sake of the children. Likewise, if a family is undergoing stress as a result of infidelity reasons, there could be a challenge of addressing the “blame game” between the couple.


Coming to college, made me extremely anxious and nervous about my living situation, mostly because I had never shared a room . The challenge of fitting all my belongings into a small room and also coping up with someone I had never known before was a stressful experience. Random room assignment by administrators was common in the college. However, some students had the privilege of choosing to live with someone they knew. Large colleges with extremely limited resources preferred random roommate matches, as compared to smaller colleges with more staff and resources.

Roommate conflicts affected me negatively and led to a great deal of depression and  stress. Sharing a room was one of my biggest nightmares. The conflicts arose because of incompatibility. It was caused by lack of proper communication, personality differences since most of my friends lacked respectful communication skills. To overcome the challenges, I had to be assertive, positive, and open in communicating to my roommates. Communication became a significant factor. Positive relationship among college students/roommates is associated with a clearer understanding between roommates of each other’s expectations, verbalization, and open communication of their thoughts and feelings. I overcame roommate conflict because I became open to communication and appropriately confronted my roommates when conflict arose. It is true that open communication was the key to a positive relationship.

Learning to talk about the problem is an immense relief to the mind. When my life in college became stressful and challenging, I lost some friends but am grateful there are some who did encourage me. They could have some time with me, encourage me and assure me that at one time, things could change and I would adapt to college life. So the first step I took regarding my stress was to accept that I needed to learn to live with every character in college.

Having a roommate was also an incredible experience, since many of my roommates become intimate friends for life. However, unpleasant issues occurred when conflicts were not resolved. In order to prevent falling back on my educational success, I addressed any conflict with their roommates in a productive and healthy manner. I also realized the importance of discussions since in most cases, when a conflict occurred; we stopped conversing with each other.

In conclusion, conflicts are problems that affect teachers, students, and parents in the end. Hence, it is essential to look for ways of resolving them to avoid the consequences. The consequences are painful since they also affect the health status of an individual. This must be a combined effort involving teachers, residence staff, parents, and roommates themselves. In this respect, it is crucial to understand that roommate conflict is a source of stress and is detrimental to the success of any student and must be avoided.

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