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State of the Union 2013

Investments in American Clean Energy

President Barrack Obama proposed that his administration will invest in clean and affordable energy, which will better the economy of America, as well as reduce unnecessary environmental pollution in America. Some the energy sources include natural gas, solar, and wind energy. The production of large quantities of natural gas will be possible during the administration of President Obama. The administration of President Obama will encourage building and construction of efficient buildings that will reduce energy consumption. Therefore, dangerous emissions of carbon emissions will continue falling significantly.


President Obama says that he will direct his cabinet to bring forth the executive actions, which will reduce environmental pollution both in the present day and future. This will happen through preparing the American communities for the negative effects of sporadic climate change, as well as speeding the transition to sustainable energy sources. The administration of President Obama will keep speeding up fresh gas and oil permits to encourage clean energy independence. President Obama will work with the Congress to motivate the sector of research and technology, which ensure that natural gas and oil do not contain a lot of impurities. Some of the tax revenue from the America’s petroleum products will finance an Energy Security Trust, which will allow advanced technology and research to shift American vehicles off oil. The federal will support the states that generate best ideas for lowering energy bills through constructing efficient buildings.


I believe that America needs adequate clean energy that will reduce environmental pollution, and that will better the American economy. Proposal on investments in American clean energy and implementation is practical because wind energy is reliable due to the presence of open fields. America has already started to produce large quantities of natural gas. Therefore, President Obama’s proposal on investments in American clean energy is achievable.

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