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Reflective Paper

The main purpose of the S. Blanchard’s letter is to demonstrate the compliance with the WR122 Student Learning Outcomes. As a whole, the letter is well composed and the arguments are carefully selected. The format of a business letter is adhered to, both in the purposeful tone and the proper respectfulness. All the prompts are thoroughly addressed, reflecting the most significant author’s achievements in relation with the learning outcomes. According to Blanchard, all of the course objectives were met in the proposed portfolio. The reader is invited to assess the evidences for the claim, making sure that the author’s hard work has indeed resulted in the writing quality increase.

Generally, the letter provides enough substantiation for the author’s writing achievements through the semester, culminating in a smooth transition to the expected grades. However, some points could be reinforced with the additional evidence. The author’s insistence of being “able to recognize and avoid common logical fallacies” is not supplied with any arguments that could prove the point. Providing an example could have made the argument much more persuasive, winning an extra approval from the reader. The author has carefully avoided using casual words throughout the letter. It could be the main reason for the use of rather shallow adjectives, mostly limited to such words as “interesting” and “effective”.

The letter could be improved with regard to the sentences’ structure. There are many rather short sentences put in succession with the excess of words “also” and “like”. Despite the fact that it adds to the overall readability, the content looks a little oversimplified. In addition, some sentences leave an impression of uncertainty, almost as if the author has not yet fully decided whether to keep them in the final draft or not. The letter would definitely benefit from enhancements with regard to these two aspects.

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