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Process Paper

Generations always come and go. There is the grandparent’s generation, parent’s generation, my siblings and my generation and children’s generation. The nature and quality of relationships between one generation and another has always diverged. The changes in relationship between these generations have been contributed by many factors. The change could be both positive and negative.

My association with my grannies has always been tight. I have always depended upon them for advice on various undertakings, and have depended upon them for advice. I have had them around to cheer me up, especially when overwhelmed with something. I have always cherished the relationship I have with them. I owe them my respect as without them I would not be in existence. My relationship with my parents has been tighter than that of my grandparents. I have had a lot of lessons to pick from them. The relationship’s nature is of lots of care and good will. It is full of truth and is loyal. The relationship has a strong foundation and is founded on good morals and trust.

With my siblings, the relationship is tight and loyal. The relationship is built on blood basis since we share parents. My siblings are dependent on me and, thus, the dependence we have had on each other has had a lot of contribution on the nature on the relationship.  Although we as siblings could rival each other because of certain achievements and other factors, we still stick by each other in poor and good times. The relationship between my children and I is of strong base and foundation. The relationship is strong, and the children are so much reliant on me.

Socioeconomic condition (SES) is a monetary and sociological joint sum of a person's job skill and persons or family’s financial and social places in relation to others, founded on income, education, and occupation.  The household income, earners' education, and occupation are examined, a family’s socio-economic status. Social economic status is in three categories which include, high SES, middle SES and low SES. Social economic status has contributed immensely towards the nature of families. Most families are bound by the social economic status of the fellow family members. Many families have had strong bonds because of how the social economic status has defined them. This has impacted significantly on the relationships that exist between family members. The impacts are both negative and positive. One will find that families that have high SES tend to ferry with people of the same SES. Such people tend to neglect or give low value to the relationship they have with people of middle or low SES. SES has been a factor that has built and at the same time broken relationships in families.

The social economic status has always improved with generations. Grandparent’s SES was much lower compared to the current generation, and is expected to rise and change in the future that is in the coming generation. One finds that, in some families, SES of the current generation (me) is better compared to that of grandparents and some people tend to put down their grandparents because of the SES fact. With the Improved SES of this generation, it is supposed to help out their grandparents. Unfortunately, families of this sort have not had good relations to capitalize on in time.

Another factor that has impacted the family is physical heath. Physical health is all about the physical or bodily well being of a person. In families, it is not hard to get somebody afflicted with certain illness. Such physical health has impacted on family both negatively and positively. Members of a family suffering physically could be given the best care or could be abandoned by the other family members. Giving of the best care or just being there for members having physical unhealthiness could impact positively on the relationship between the members. Such members get to bond in a way that portrays a strong positive relationship between the members. Others could count it tasking helping out a family member with physical health. Because of that reason, most members are abandoned to die or to get help from another source. Such families have an extremely weak relationship among the members and could even lead to lose bond between them. The grandparents and parents are the ones that suffer physically and hence are meant to get aid from this generation. Apart from physical health and socioeconomic status, other factors have impacted on family. One of these factors includes mental health. It has brought members together and has also led to split of members in the family.

Family structures are dynamic and have changed in the recent past. My parent’s family structure is different from my grandparent’s.  My grand parents’ family structure was unique in that, the family was a constituent of the extended family and the nuclear family. These two families have the elder who happened to be the granddad as the head. The extended family is an inclusion of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and the in-laws. The nuclear is an inclusion of the father, mother and children in the family. My grandparents recognized the two, extended and nuclear as the family. My parents recognized the nuclear as the family unit with the father as the head of the home. They considered those of close relation as a family. Nothing has changed on what a family structure is with the current generation.

Having my family as it has been fulfilling. Having my dad as the head is the best choice as he makes choices and decides on how everything is to be done in the family. What I believe could be done different is decision making. I believe that making of choices could be made by both parents as one doing so could sometimes lead to many wrongs. So as, to avoid the same mistake of basing on, SES or physical health to determine how to relate to each other in the family, we need to ensure that lessons on equality are introduced to students in schools.

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