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Problem Solving Part 4 - Modes of Thinking

1. Purpose:  The purpose of the super computer is to enable easier solving of tasks related to engineering and scientific fields. The super computer is a great tool for science and engineering students in terms of handling complex modeling and simulation phenomena. Large and complex amounts of data require special features of the super computers for easy and accurate processing and evaluation in scientific and engineering research and development. The main virtue of super computers is that they generate insight and advance knowledge that would be impossible to capture in real-time.

  • The purpose of the supercomputer using deductive thinking is to advance our knowledge and insights by capturing critical and significant information, while our brains cannot capture certain types and amounts of information in time for them to be actionable.  
  • The purpose of the supercomputer using inductive thinking is that the super computer can easily and accurately process more and complex information than humans and normal computers.

2. Implications: If this innovation is successful, students will be able to carry out complex experiments in research and development in all fields that require complex and large amounts of data processing. Data can be captured in the right time and executed in an easy and accurate way as opposed to our brains which is not able to capture or process such an amount of information. The creation of new ideas will be fueled by the supercomputer as it will enable physical modeling and simulation. This will increase students’ and researchers’ knowledge as well as make processing of information easier and faster.

If my innovation fails, students would have hard time understanding complex information in research and development. Information could be only captured in slow and complex devices that are not user-friendly. This would result in reduced advancement of knowledge and slow research and development.

Me: The innovation could increase my insight and advance my knowledge.

Family: My family could process information easily and accurately.

Culture: This could promote the transition of outdated devices in research and development to new and modern innovations like the super computer.

Country: The country will benefit from efficient research and development.

3. Doubting game: Some people in the computing may claim that the innovation is too complex and expensive for research and development.  Moreover, the super computer includes additional and advanced technologies that could consume more power. Again, the super computer may be too sophisticated to operate.

Believing Game: The super computer could use less power with advanced power saving technologies. Additionally, the super computer could be easily operated through frequent learning and practice.

4. From my point of view the super computer is a significant tool for students and researchers in increasing knowledge and efficiency in research and development. The super computer serves as both an educational and research tools for students and researchers that are not available in other societies.

5. Automatic thinking involves thinking based on realizing a circumstance or situation. Reverse thinking involves thinking while balancing on one’s experience and knowledge. An example of automatic thinking is the idea of using high speed and modern technologies to build a super computer for increased performance. An example of reserved assumptions is that a super computer is capable of processing large amounts of data in a more efficient and accurate manner.

6. During the last three weeks I have come to learn of numerous modes of thinking I apply everyday in life. This series of assignments has made me realize I need to improve divergent, heuristic, and integrative modes of thinking. However, I know now that I am very good with integrative, conscious, unconscious, analogical, and synthesis modes of thinking. For instance, I was able to construct a super computer that has different features not found in normal computers.

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