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Personal Statemement for University Application

I have been always enjoying on how the modern tools,machines and other technologies such as Computers,Television, tall buildings,nice bridges and many others from the time I was young.My interests in these were increased as I enjoyed Maths and Science subjects.After completing my primary education I was selected to Join Tanga Technical School,the leading technical school in the country,there I had strong desire to solve problems and design machines owing the inspiration that I received from my teachers.In 2007 during my first O-level secondary year I studied all basics of engineering that involved Electrical engineering,Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering and Engineering science.These subjects paved my way towards Science and technology. In second year I specialized in Electrical engineering minoring in Electronics subjects .I used to be a leader for the electrical club at the school in which apart from class tasks I usually organized and controlled my fellows in assignments and projects we had to perform. I also participated in activities like Troubleshooting, repair,and design of circuits especially those of radio and Television.This managed me to become familiar with radio,television transmission and reception.This know how however managed me earn financially during my holidays as I performed radio and Television servicing .Finally I demonstrated good performance in these subjects in my National O-level Examinations,CSEE 2010.This increased my aspiration of becoming a technologist. After performing well in my National O-level exams I was selected to join Kibaha Secondary school,the best government school for students demonstrating excellent performance in CSEE O-level National examinations. I have been taking my Advanced Levels diploma in subjects of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.I have mantained best performance throughout.This has triggered my interests in expanding and developing the knowledge in these subjects by persuing an engineering bachelor in the best University with all my efforts during my undergraduate time in University. Despite having strong aspirations in Electricity, I also enjoy the art of building,structure and Construction because it has brought about the deveopment of the known cities in the the London, New York. It is through Civil engineering .This makes me feelproud of the subjects I am taking in A-Level,because I really see alot of applications of what I am currently taking. In my O-level first year and part of second year I used to participate in the plumbing, brickwork and masonry for during the extra times after class hours.however during the third and fourth O-level year I couldn't be able to continue owing limited time I had on the subjects I specialized.but this field surely enjoys me as nice Infrastructure is seen growing day to day. I believe that I can fit for the Engineering criterias as I have demonstrated experience through studying and working experience.I have also mantained best performance in Physics,Mathematics and,Chemistry subjects.This has brought me a strong desire of becoming an engineer through a best learning Institution. After completing my engineering bachelor from the best Institution that will be equiped with high technical capacity,skilled ideas and having attained working experience I shall make necessary contributions to my nearby society by working,ensuring technology widens over the areas which will assist in saving time,increase working efficiency and help in solving various problems.In succeeding this I shall have contributed in buiding a real scientific world.

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