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Obama Care

Obama Care was the unofficial name given to the health care reforms which were proposed by President Obama in 2010, the bill was signed into law under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Amadeo, 2013). The bill aimed at ensuring that every American has access to affordable health plan while cutting spending on health care. With its introduction, over 32 million Americans were enrolled into the health care insurance because of the expansion of eligibility requirements (Amadeo, 2013). The Act also sought to ensure that every American gets medical attention at an affordable cost regardless of income or a preexisting medical condition (Amadeo, 2013). This health care plan also aimed at giving over 47 million American women access to preventive services at no cost. While the plan was meant to ensure that health care is affordable and accessible to every single American, some critics had different opinion about it. Liberals argued that the Obama Care would not reduce health care cost; actually it would raise the cost because of the mandatory insurance coverage requirement.

The liberals have a strong point by saying that the health care plan will actually increase spending. Theoretically, the plan will cut spending on health care but analyzing the whole strategy, the cost boils down to the same people in the indirect way. Take for instance the requirement by the Act for companies with over 50 employees to give insurance to their workers (Castillo, 2012). This would be taken by the companies as an extra cost and to avoid the situation, layoffs may be experienced. If it does not happen, employers may transfer the cost to the workers or customers by offering services or goods at a higher cost (Castillo, 2012).

The mandatory insurance coverage may find employees’ previous health care plans abandoned by the company. For instance, a company which was providing health care plan for the worker might opt to pay the penalty, but the workers will have to find their own health insurance plan. This direction might be taken by the company as cost-effective. In addition, companies will avoid hiring more workers to avoid the cost while other small companies will avoid expansion in order to be exempted from the ‘50+ employees’ rule. Therefore, liberals may be making an important observation, but it is also true that some plans may not favor everyone; Obama Care may not favor large firms but it definitely benefits the average American.

To sum it up, the individual mandate which has been set to effect as of 2014 may see Americans paying more to the insurance plan inform of penalties. This is because the $ 95 fine that has been set may be paid by majority instead of them purchasing the insurance. The issues surrounding the health care plan may see the health sector deteriorating rather than improving if they are not looked at beforehand. The issue raised by critics that taxes will be raised at the expense of their health care, makes a good number object the health plan. However, it is important that people realize that when determining whether a plan will be beneficial or not, pros and cons are considered. If the pros are far more beneficial than the cons, the plan is definitely going to work for the good. This might be the case with Obama Care; although it could have some limitations, the possibility having of quality healthcare is most definite under the plan.

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