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In the Information Age, which is also referred to as the Computer Age, one can earn money by regulating, restricting and controlling information. As the Internet technologies develop fast, it is being used for revolutionizing customary services more often and is now recognized as an effective and easy tool for marketing research. Data collection, which is a foundation for marketing research, is implemented through data recording and surveys. In his article, MacElroy (1999) describes the most efficient forms of online research, such as e-mail surveys, bulletin broad researches, the HTML form-based surveys, custom programmed surveys, downloadable surveys, Web-moderated interviewing. Online data collection is cost-effective, as it boosts turnover and the speed of data processing, while methods used in the pre-Internet era are consumptive, time-consuming and have a greater tendency to show inaccurate results.  However, any data becomes information after its transforming or matching it with other data, so that it could becomes relevant for marketing decisions (Hartline, 2011).

The main competitors of the Monster Energy Drink are Red Bull, Rockstar, Amp, NOS, and Full Throttle. Reasonable price, rationalized advertising, great variety of flavors and focusing on specific target audience help the Monster Energy Drink to be on top positions in the market.  As long as the marketing strategy is targeted at appealing specific consumers, such factors as age and lifestyle will influence consumer behavior. For example, a 20-year-old person who listens to heavy metal is less likely to purchase the product associated with extreme sports and hip-hop culture, regardless of the fact that he belongs to the target age group of the brand.  The aggravation of the quality of the product and repelling promotional ventures would make me, as a customer, switch to a budget competitor. 

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