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The discourse on the issues of global warming continue to draw different reaction from various people across the globe.There are different school of thoughts as regards the main cause of global warming and whether some of the causes are overrated and some underrated.It is prudent to note that the current impact  of global warming presents a lot of challenges to global economic and social development. It is on this ground that a critical analysis of the situation and policies geared towards its mitigation is more critical than ever. This paper claims that  the idea that the emission of  black particles in the atmosphere as well as carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Therefore, the pollution phenomenon is not overrated but a reality. The impact of global warming as a result of  climate change is a great threat to human survival. Therefore, air pollution to the atmosphere should be regulated by planting more trees as well as through the enforcement of carbon credit policy to all polluting companies. The main reason why the issue of global warming is of great concern has been precipitated by drought in Africa, change in weather pattern across the globe, flooding, among other natural calamities. While there is a heated debate on the issues regarded as the  main cause of global warming, many scholars and stakeholders  alike hold different opinions on how to approach the scourge of global warming. However, my solution remains candid that all countries should be actively involved in the issues and global forest cover per country should be increased to thirty percent of the total land mass. This will go along way in absorbing a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as reduce the depletion of the ozone layer.

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