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Industry Self-Assessment Program

The Fayette County Government Industry Self Assessment Program is used to assess the level of emergency planning among industries in Fayette County. It also helps businesses with their planning processes. Since there are high profile facilities that could necessitate catastrophes, the programs makes use of  all-hazards approach in emergency planning. There are several reasons as to why the program can work in Eglin AFB, Florida. First of all, with regard to the objectives of the project, there is a need for businesses in Florida to plan for emergencies. In addition, just like any other county, Florida needs to develop emergency plans and communication coordination systems for unforeseen risks such as terrorism, fire protection and evacuation. Florida is a county that has many cases of industrial accidents. Therefore, this kind of program would be very useful.

Although the program is good, its introduction would most likely be greeted with resistance. Change in an organization is always met with resistance, especially if the people taking part in it were not adequately involved. This situation is bound to happen in Florida. Therefore, the implementation of such a project would most certainly require systematic planning for reduced resistance. To do that, the first step would be to involve all the players in the decision-making process. Secondly, it would be important to use  practices like coercion and manipulation. By influencing some employees prior to the introduction of the changes, it makes it more likely for the new program to be accepted by the workers. In order to overcome resistance, there would be a need to use the power vested in management to ensure the acceptance of the program.

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