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Imagining the Future

The introduction of the Internet has completely changed the way people interact and communicate. People can now share ideas using texts, pictures, and video; this ability to share ideas or information has been referred to as participation observation by sociologists (Appliedsoc.Org 13). The Internet has changed the world of communication in that it allows individuals not only to get first-hand information on the ongoing of the surrounding community, but it has also improved connectedness.

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Knowledge Explosion

Additionally, the use of the Internet has not only changed the way people communicate, but it has become a principle drive to knowledge explosion. Regardless of the negativities related to the Internet community which sociologists regard as a threat to society (Appliedsoc.Org 13), one sure thing is that Internet has enhanced the way people interact, and the world has become a more sophisticated global village (Bolter & Richard 9).

We attribute the idea of the Internet community to the designers of the Internet; in their work, they must have optimism about the future where people from the whole world come together to help each other (Mau 338). Even when the waves of negativity from sociologists seem to interrupt the idea of the Internet community, the designers do not tire from coming up with improved ways of enhancing connectedness.

Enhanced Processes of Solving Global Challenges

It is through the idea of the Internet that experts in various fields of study have come together to help come up with solutions to global challenges such as diseases, climate changes, war, and poverty which earlier on seemed unachievable (Ulmer, 44). As Mau puts it, optimism can be really controversial (Mau 338); while we celebrate the achievements of our designers in communication, it is important to consider the aspect of sustainability.

It is a beautiful thing and possibly the greatest achievement of all times that the world has been enriched through improved ways of problem-solving, partnership, and accessibility. However, it is not enough to celebrate the achievement if we do not look at the challenges presented by the negative worldview. Brand observes that people tend to withdraw into themselves whenever they detect that things are not going as expected (Mau 338) but again, the Massive Change Project counsels that we have the potential to live sustainably in the changing world if only we can concentrate on our power to imagine a better future and use our potential to invent ways of solving global challenges (Mau 338).

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