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How to Promote Hong Kong City Online

If the world has an ideal holiday destination, it is Hong Kong! Due to its excellent transportation and high standards of service, one can easily accomplish everything they want, no matter how much time they plan to spend there. This makes one’s time in Hong Kong memorable and fully justifies all costs.

PR campaigns, or creation of public opinion on the Internet, are made by spreading information about a product or website on various online resources. These could be advertising articles, press releases, news, etc. on a given topic.

To promote Hong Kong city online one has to attract people's attention to its particular qualities, describe its places of interest, etc.

After 150 years of British rule, on July 1, 1997 Hong Kong came under the jurisdiction of China. However, the lifestyle of this city has not changed. Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of China continues to have a high degree of autonomy. Its political, social and economic system was retained. It is often called “a laboratory of modern times”. The oldest skyscraper in Hong Kong, built in 1980, is made of aluminum and steel and is 180 meters high. The Bank of China Tower is 315 meters high. The building resembles the sprout of bamboo because of its unusual shape. There is a hotel Central Plaza on the 78th floor.

But in spite of all this chaos, business and shopping, night markets, temples, workshops, studios and tailoring shops, there are unexpected places - a stunning park, spread out over 10 hectares, or Victoria Peak, where you can admire the pearl river and so-called ‘fragrant” harbor.

Hong Kong today has more than 20 national parks, huge malls, chic boutiques, numerous temples, including the famous Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. It is located in the southern part of China at the beginning of the Donjiang River. Here - the highest density of population of more than 6 million people live on 300 square meters. km. The standard of living in Hong Kong nowadays is the highest in Asia. Only a few centuries ago Hong Kong was a small fishing village. But today it is a city-country; its people speak many languages and have different religions. Hong Kong is the biggest economic financial, and transportation center of the Asia-Pacific region. It also boasts a variety of festivals and carnivals. Every spring and autumn, there is an international exhibition that attracts hundreds of thousands of businessmen from around the world.

In order to create the website of Hong Kong one must have all the information about the city, photos, reviews and suggestions from travelers who have already visited Hong Kong. The next step is promotion of the site in search engines. This process is commonly referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a method of getting your website to top position in popular Internet search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. As a rule, a SEO campaign combines off-site tactics with on-site optimization, i.e. one modifies the site itself and provides a portfolio of natural looking back links in order to increase the organic rankings. A website needs to appear on the first page of search results so that to promote the products or services in question. Due to search engine optimization the search engine recognizes relevance of the webpage to particular keywords that people search for online. Search engine optimization helps to attract visitors to the site for free; one does not have to pay for advertising. In addition, it is always valuable and prestigious to appear on top positions in search results. Many people simply skip advertisements as they understand that they are not an indicator of company’s reputation.

Hong Kong is a paradise for shoppers. Elegant shopping malls and nice street markets, boutiques and night markets – there is something for every taste and budget. One can find here linen tablecloths, silk, jade, the Chinese antiques and works of art, clocks, cameras etc.. Hong Kong is particularly pleasing for wealthy tourists, as here one can buy the most expensive items at a relatively low price. Golden jewelry, IBM laptops, Sony stereos, Rolex watches, and other luxury goods in Hong Kong stores are 15% cheaper on average than in other shopping centers of the world. “Virus” marketing can be used to spread information about there features. It is a unique form of online advertising, which is based on the desire of network users to share information. The main task of the advertisement is creation of the “virus” content that is passed from hand to hand by the Internet users. This content can take many forms, e.g. video, photos, flash games, or just text; it is the desire to share that is important. That is why the “virus” marketing does not tolerate template solutions and standard moves; it is not effective without fresh creative ideas.

There are about 50 thousand factories and 250 banks in Hong Kong. During last years, the industrial sector of the economy of Hong Kong has been losing ground to the service sector. Basic industries of Hong Kong are textiles and clothing. The second place goes to the production of electronics. The heavy industry is represented by shipbuilding and airplane repair technologies. Hong Kong is one of the world's largest exporters of textiles, garments, electronics and accessories, watches, toys, and other products.

Display advertising can also be used for website promotion. It is the most common form of advertising on the Internet used by online stores, travel agencies, and transportation companies. It features an advertising banner on a web-site, a search engine, themed sites, news, and information resources - in other words, those sites where one can find their target audience. When working on media planning, one has to be sure of the quality of the site audience, check the geography of visitors, their time spent on the site, traffic sources of the site. These are the components of comprehensive site scanning aimed at identifying the target audience. Display advertising is a very powerful tool that promotes brand recognition.

Financial sector is a large part of the economy of the region. Since 1969, Hong Kong is one of the world's financial centers. Hong Kong and Singapore share the fourth and fifth place in the global financial hierarchy. Despite this success, there is no central bank in Hong Kong. The government delegated its functions to commercial banks and government agencies. There are representative offices of foreign banks in Hong Kong, which have the right to issue credit. In Hong Kong Stock Exchange is one of the largest in the world. Such rise of Hong Kong in the global financial system was possible due to lack of state control of the financial sector.

The need to find and analyze sites with similar themes and place contextual advertising in their promotional areas induced creation of running advertisements in the search results of search engines. Output results are on pre-set queries or on the pages of topical sites. Contextual advertising is known to have a high level of trust among potential customers, thus, it is a highly effective form of advertising on the Internet. Payment is usually made for the number of hits to your website, that is, for the clicks. The minimum cost of clicks on search engines is 8 cents per click. However, the real price of the wedge will be determined by auction, depending on the availability of the selected competitors’ request - keyword/phrase.

Hong Kong is a large port; its merchant fleet tonnage equals 30 million gross register tons. Vessels from 13 countries are sailing under the flag of Hong Kong; among them there are 16 British, 3 South African, 9 Chinese, 6 Japanese, 3 German, 2 Canadian, 2 Bermuda, 1 ship from Cyprus, 1 from Belgium and 1 from Norway. 300 ocean and river vessels on average come to the harbor of Hong Kong daily. The coastal waters are floating 15 thousand small ships and sampans involved in sabotage.

International transportation is provided through the port and a new airport. International Airport was located at Kai Tak (Eastern Kowloon) until 1998. In 1998 it was transferred to the island of Chek Lap Kok. Designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster, the airport passenger terminal has an area of 54 hectares (133 acres). It is the world's largest building-enclosed space. The capacity of port terminals in Kai-Chung makes it the world's largest container port. Boats and hydrofoils connect Hong Kong with Macau and Guangzhou.

In order to spread the information about Hong Kong city among the people related to transportation media-contextual advertising banners placed on specialized sites can be applied. It is a hybrid of the contextual and banner advertising. A media-contextual banner appears in the query results of users as well as on partner sites. This type of advertising allows one to use the same settings shows that are utilized in the contextual advertising: targeting region/city, time/day of impressions, etc. But there are a few peculiarities: first, payment for media content is made for 1000 of showings; second, this payment is higher; third, different search engines have different restrictions on the type of advertising, e.g. prohibition against use of certain sell-words (buy and sell .. ) on the banner, which significantly reduces the potential of advertising companies. Nevertheless, the media-contextual advertising is an effective image advertising tool, especially for consumer brands; however, it is hardly suitable for advertising aimed at sale.

Large international exhibitions and fairs are held annually in Hong Kong. For business people it is an opportunity to sign lucrative contracts. Hong Kong was also one of the largest tourist centers in the middle of 1990s. 10 million tourists arrive to the city every year.

For this target group social marketing can be applied. In recent years, social media optimization (SMO) has become one of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet. It includes promotion and SEO forums, blogs, communities, and thematic areas. Not only does social marketing attracts a mass audience, but it also provides cheap direct contact with potential customers. Therefore, it has the highest level of trust among all types of online advertising promotion in blogs and communities, as the panelists do not perceive the message as an advertisement, but as useful information and valuable experience.

All organizations and individuals can successfully create and promote their own Internet resource. It is important to make it known and frequently visited. The most important stage of a successful advertising campaign is defining the target audience. After this, a complex of advertising resources in the Internet is to be used.

There are also news servers. They are completely analogous to forums, but are read and filled with special programs and do not require people’s supervision. Each of the news forums has a different theme, and there is no need to match it to make it successful. In general, Internet has a very high capacity for information dissemination. There are virtually no censorship and restrictions. Everything is determined by a parson’s talent and technical expertise.

Promotion on the Internet is a long-term campaign, also known as the outer optimization. This is the main way to attract audiences. It is difficult to list all the benefits of online advertising, thus we will focus on the main ones:

  • Low cost - compares the cost of attracting potential customers through the Internet to other methods of advertising.
  • Building trust - search engines and social networks are not perceived by the user as a source of hype, but as a wise counselor and omniscient, that is why the first position of your site in search engine rankings and high user activity on social networks are the best ways to create a perfect reputation of particular brand.
  • Saving the result - after the cessation of work on site promotion one will not get back to the starting point and will keep moving to success with previously created solid foundation.               
  • Detailed and flexible analysis - assessment of the effectiveness of the campaign can be made at short time intervals and with a huge set of indicators. This helps to improve the advertising strategy, thus promoting its efficiency.

Each sphere of advertising has a certain amount of the population covered, be it TV advertising, outdoor advertising, or print advertisements in newspapers. One can estimate the approximate number of people who will see their advertisement, but it is impossible to state how relevant the advertisement is for each consumer. Undoubtedly, the Internet is now one of the most effective sales and distribution channel. Creating a website is the first step on the way to success.

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