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Globalization Question

Bestor displays the global incorporations between the west and non-west via the example of food. The Japanese fish market has blasted to offer Sushi not only to their country but also to the western world. He presents the tuna as a case study in relation to globalization. It indicates that the tuna trade is a chief instance of the globalization of a local industry, with deep global competition and thorny ecological regulations; old practices of centuries joined with high technology; repositioning of labor and funds in reply to international regulation; fluctuating markets; and the circulation of culinary ethos as tastes for sushi and the tuna spread globally. Bestor is capable to trace the product chains, trade centers, and flea market that create up this international space. He contends that market and place are not detached via the globalization of economic doings, but rejoined producing spatially irregular urban chain of command. The several dimensions of the tuna product chain, the social associations of markets and supply circuits generate global space (Bestor, 2004).

Basically, Bestor discusses how globalization has an impact in terms of tuna sales from New England to Japan. The author goes ahead to tell about the development of sushi in America and how it assisted to the enhancement of tuna sales in Japan, and then, later, trades in America. There is a massive market for tuna in Japan, which implicates that new networks and associations have been designed by fishermen, retailers, and government internationally. These countries associated so that they would principally cash in for the gold rush of tuna. Bestor goes ahead and explains how Japanese customers are associated in a cooperative relationship of requirements and prospects with New England fishermen. Through tracing the global tracks of Atlantic sushi-grade tuna, he provides clear, down-to-earth visualizations of the international system. Bestor demonstrates how Japan essentially went international and drove in sushi into our culture (Bestor, 2004).

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