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From Now till Then

Me: Hello, David.

David: Hi!

M.: How are you today? Are you ready for the interview?

D.: I’m great, thank you. Sure, let’s start.

M.: Tell me, please, when and where you were born.

D.: I was born in Springfield, Missouri, on April 16, 1987.

M.: OK. Tell me briefly me about your family.

D.: Sure. I have both parents, who currently reside in London, Illinois. My younger sister Lily lives with them. I have lots of cousins.

M.: Have you lived all your life in Springfield?

D.: No, my family has moved twice. First we moved to Branson, Missouri, as my father got a new job there. When I was 15, we moved again to Chicago, Michigan.

M.: Could you tell me how do you entertain yourself? Do you have any hobbies?

D.: I like hanging out with my friends on Friday nights, and on weekends. I enjoy playing lacrosse and working out in the gym.

M.: What do you think about our town?

D.: I really like it, especially its cozy streets and clean parks, and also the movie theatres.

M.: Do you follow the current events in our politics?

D.: Not that I enjoy it, but I think we should know what’s going on in our country and in the world.

M.: What do you value most in your life?

D.: That’s my health and my family’s; all the rest can be recovered easily.

M.: Have you ever imagined your future, e.g. 20 years from now?

D.: Well, I can imagine myself as a successful entrepreneur, self-employed, doing some sort of car sales related business.

M.: Thank you so much for the interview. I appreciate your attitude and willingness to cooperate.

D.: You’re welcome.

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