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Financial Report on Easyjet Plc



EasyJet Plc is an airline carrier founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou and has its headquarters in London (Yahoo! Inc. 2012). Its stocks are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Since it was founded, the company has significantly expanded through base openings and acquisitions. Currently, the company has 5 subsidies, primarily, engaging in leasing, aircraft trading, and airline operation. The company’s main fleet includes; two Boeing 737-700, 35 easyJet A320, and 167 easyJet A319. The 30th September 2011 annual account reveals that the company had 204 aircrafts, 19 bases, and operates in 547 routes. Moreover, the company has its operations in about 30 countries (Yahoo! Inc. 2012).

Department Functions

Human resource management department is an integral part of EasyJet Plc .The department deals with issues relating to human resource hiring, training, retention, performance appraisal, working conditions and retirement. It is a department which maximizes the human resource potential in carrying out assigned duties. In the EasyJet Plc, the human resource management department has been of significant importance in managing workforce related issues.

Customer Service Department

Customer service department oversees the improvement in operational performance aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. It endeavors to reach its customers and meet their concerns that include enquire, addressing their disappointments, receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers. In addition the EasyJet Plc does use the customer service department to communicate major announcements in regard to shift of travel locations, delay of departure, and last minute decisions which may affect the customer.

Information Technology department

This department ensures that the company is up to date in regard to emerging technologies.A higher percentage of EasyJet Plc customers depend on the Internet for feedback and booking services. This is due to its reliability and swiftness in meeting the customers concerns. This includes managing the company website updating it with current information and ensuring that customers have easy access to their company. It is a department that has major challenges in regard to security and emerging cyber crimes.

Finance Department

The department has a major responsibility of managing, planning for all financial proceeds from the company and reporting on the financial progress of the company. They also forecast on future anticipated and unanticipated financial implications due to any expansion of the company.

Company Performance Analysis

Ratio analysis is a key aspect in analyzing a company’s performance. Ratios provide summaries of financial statements, which are easy to understand, interpret, and compare. In general, financial rations can be categorized into six aspects. However, in this case, we will only focus on four key ratios; liquidity ratio, shareholder ratio, profitability ratio, and leverage ratio. In each case, we will focus on one ratio.

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