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Facebook is Hacked

According to the USA Today of February 15, 2013, Byron Acohido stated that the social media website discovered a sophisticated attack by unknown users. This occurred when the security team visited the developer’s mobile version of the website. Such kind of attack may cause massive negative responses from users with the potential to destroy the social media site. For example, when the user’s privacy is compromised, some of them may choose to withdraw from the site. Others may choose to take revenge for having their information compromised by suing Facebook. In addition to this, the social media site may lose its reputation, which means losing profits and clients.


For this reason, the Facebook team has dedicated themselves to ensuring the success of the network by providing users with security measures such as enabling privacy sections for each user. For example, when the Facebook team had discovered the attack, they notified the law enforcement and began an investigation getting rid of the malware on each employee’s laptop to raise the security measures. Through the actions that the Facebook team took, the company maintained its reputation and ratings went higher because they ensured users that their management was professional.  In addition to this, the Facebook team also emphasized that all users should ensure they have updated the anti-virus software to avoid other future incidences of compromised data (Acohido).

The disclosure of the Facebook incident also revealed other various cases of hacked networks such as The New York Times and Twitter. This means that the Facebook team along with the other networks invented new ways of security measures. For this reason, the customer care services have been improved and the sales ratings maintained to meet with the market demands (Acohido). In my opinion, the Facebook team and other social networking sites need to provide user security measures that are unique and unfamiliar to criminals who intend to make money by hacking the websites. This way, the companies will make gigantic investments as well as ensure customer’s satisfaction.

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