Energy Independence



The United States has taken some drastic measures to stop depending on imported oil for energy. These measures are certainly commendable and will ensure the sustainability of the energy sector in the country. The introduction of biofuels as an alternative source of energy has not only solved part of the environmental challenge but also laid the ground for energy independence in the United States. It should be noted that bio-energy promotes environmental conservation, and therefore provides a solution for the global environmental challenge (Daniel, 2011).

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The introduction of wind energy is perhaps the most innovative approach that the government has given the energy sector in the history of the United States. The fact that the generation of wind energy does not require a lot of funds to install or operate makes it ideal in these economic times. All that the government needs to do is help people to get are the initial facilities that will then depend on wind to keep them operational. As a matter of fact, there is no single day when the wind will stop blowing, unlike river water that may stop flowing. This implies that wind energy will remain self-sustaining for eternity so long as the facilities are properly maintained (Farago, 2009).

It is worth noting that the government has made tremendous progress in nuclear energy. However, this will not contribute to the self-sustenance that the people of America yearn for. For one, uranium that is used to generate nuclear energy is imported from parts of Asia. This means that its supply will depend on bilateral relations between the United States and Asia. If the United States went to war with Asia, energy shortage will be eminent in the United States. This is essentially moving from one problem to another considering that oil also has to be imported (Clifford, 2012)

In conclusion, the United States has taken some drastic measures to stop depending on imported oil for energy. While biofuels and wind energy will contribute to energy independence, nuclear energy is simply taking the country back to dependence on Asia for energy supply. 

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