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Employee Safety

All workplaces do face the risk associated with breach of safety and security of its employees and even its clients or occupiers. There are various laws that require the conformity to standards that would guarantee the safety of occupiers or employees within the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Act provides and controls such measures. This underlies the importance of maintaining safety and health in the workplace (Lutz, 2000). This case is informed by the need of guaranteeing protection for the employees and the occupiers. A safe and healthy workplace would provide a favorable environment for execution of various duties within the business environment and thereby the realization of the objectives, as set by the management.


The design and use of any equipment within the workplace should conform to the safety and health regulations (Roughton, 2002). In the workplaces, where this aim cannot be achieved through design, the use of personal protective equipment is always invoked. It leads to the use of equipment that would protect employees from hazards that may be encountered within the workplace. Since the aim is to protect the workers, their involvement in every stage of the exercise is vital. They should be involved in the acquisition, training and the use of the equipment. The selection should be guided by factors such as comfort, health and flexibility in its usage (Leveson, 2011). The employees must understand the relevance of the protection, how the equipment is used and all other matters, which are pertaining to the equipment. It is important to ensure that the employees are informed, in regards to the equipment, to ensure safety of employees. Where the employees are safe and healthy, their production and performance would be better. Hence, realization of the organization goals is enhanced.

It emerges that safety measures are beneficial both to employees and to the organization, as they promote effective involvement of employees in the learning and training.  The normal operations within organization can be smooth, only when there are safe, healthy and secure environment created for the employees, since there are no dangers to the welfare of the workforces.

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