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Dancing Show

People have always been fond of dancing as it helps to express those feelings that words cannot describe. Dancing is like talking of the soul. People can fill their dance with sorrow and happiness, sadness and joy, love and hatred. Good dance is never just about correct moves and techniques; it is more about the correct expression of the emotions the moves imply. There is a great difference between observing dancers on the floor and performing yourself. Professional dancers always seem to move so easily, flowingly, beautifully, gracefully, and elegantly. On the other hand, dancing yourself makes you feel pressure, as there is a constant need to think about the next move, appropriate facial expression, and position of your body that makes dancing quite a difficult process at first. Nevertheless, time and efforts make a master even of a clumsy person who craves to improve her or his skills.


Observing dancers performing on the stage is always a great lesson. Somehow, moving does not allow you to see all the mistakes you make even while practicing in front of the mirror with a good teacher. However, watching others doing the same is an excellent example of how the piece shall be performed. They say that if you learn from your mistakes, you are smart; if you learn from the mistakes of others, you become wise – this goes well about dancing, too.

Visiting amateur concerts allows you to look at yourself from the side. Just by observing people performing on the stage, you start noticing all the wrong moves and positions which professional dancers have learned to avoid.

My preferable piece of the dancing show from the attended concert is video 152341. I enjoyed how synchronically a couple moves with the music and with each other. The boy’s performance is outstandingly good. He feels at ease with his body, and his dancing is light and professional. He provides his partner with very good props, which is crucial for dancing in pairs as safety has always been a major concern for each person. Particular attention shall be paid to the boy’s stance: it is almost perfect – straight back and square shoulders. Head movements complement his hands’ movements, and facial expression well reflects the beat of the music and its energizing mood. Boy’s outfit is apt and does not confine his progress on the stage.

The girl in her performance licks her partner’s skills in some aspects. The first thing that catches the eye is her stance. There is no professionally graceful, straight, slightly bent back shoulder line. She becomes round-shouldered a little bit from time to time which affects her elegance greatly. On the other hand, the girl is quite supple and agile, responding to the boy’s movement with ease in synchronization. In any dancing couple, a woman is always the center of attention; therefore, her outfit and movements should be near to if not perfect. However, the outfit of the female partner seems to be wrong for this type of dancing.

A group of dancers that comes out closer to the end of the video gives a good example of what is expected to wear for the energetic dance. The white dress is a good attention attraction, especially, glowing in the stage lights when the boy elegantly lifts the girl over his head; however, it does not seem to fit well with the leg movements, making a clumsy unsophisticated appearance. The girl appears to have little comfort with her movements; she is more likely to play a role roughly following a set of dance rules. It seems that she is not giving her inner self fully to the dance and feeling it with each part of her body; she is not enjoying it as much as the boy does. The impression is particularly spoilt when the boy continues single on the stage, and the girl uncomfortably stands in the corner awaiting her part.

Music plays a pivotal role in creating the dancing mood. The composition chosen by the dancers well reflects the movements of the dance, yet lacking a strong bit to pass the dancers’ mood to the audience. The group of dancers undeniably saves the performance bringing together the emotions of passion and tender love, which are felt in this dance.
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