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Cooking Vs. Fast Food

There are many different sources of food and different consideration from one person to another in the selection of food. Most people prefer fast food restaurants on cooking at home because it saves time and effort. On one hand, people think that there is no time to cook at home. Work, study and other activities make cooking at home an impossible mission. Also, it is more convenient and there are more choices when you go to a fast food restaurant. Again, you can find fast food restaurant everywhere and anytime and they will prepare your meal as soon as possible. On this, fast-food restaurants are the best solution for this problem. On the contrary, people think that cooking at home is better than fast food because simply it is making by your hands (Gisselin, pp. 12-35). Obviously, people will prepare for themselves the finest food and try to master the meal to be in their desired image. For this, cooking in home is better than eating in fast food restaurants. Although people think that fast food restaurant is the best choice in this busy world, cooking our own food is an all-round experience for our good and most importantly for our health.

Fast food restaurants use horrible tactics to kill the animals that we eat. They kill animals using electricity. This way chickens and cows will maintain their dirty blood. Even if they clean it, the product itself will still have the dirt inside it. Another way the kill animal is using guns. Firing on cows head from this special gun, and after that all fell to the ground motionless workers have put their hind legs in slings. Moreover, they also kill by the poison. They put it with the food that chickens eat. If the chickens are killed by food with poison, what will happen to the consumer when they eat this kind of chicken? Also, there are many restaurants that keep the chickens and meat until they get spoiled.  In addition, they use the equipment more than one time. This will affect on the quality of food. For example, they use the oil to fry the chicken and potatoes. They consume it many times until it becomes black. After becoming black they still use it. Ultimately, the consumers are the weakest side and the biggest loser. Because they are not aware of what happened before they buy the meal from any fast food restaurant.

Eating habits need to be very well controlled. Striking a balance is very essential in the life of every human being. The focus here is not on forbidding any food as many people have perceived on the past but on healthy food. Research shown indicates that it is not about denying ourselves and our children certain foods but ensuring that we all develop good eating habits; more especially on healthy foods (Ogden and Carroll, pp. 6-17). This information brings out the difference and tackles the matter rightfully. Different research works have propagated a number of ideas, skills and knowledge and seem to be integrated all over in health studies. This is an insightful experience that provides a variety of information useful in research aimed at a suitable solution to this societal challenge of whether to cook or eat from fast food joints. Generally, health is the major issue posed by fast foods.

Fast foods are a bad way to build a healthy life especially for children. Research shows that 35% of 8-14 year olds are overweight and 40% of the same age group has high cholesterol levels (Dalton, pp. 23-45). This age group must take into account the particular terms of the meals they eat. And the blame lies here on the parents. They must create an environment for their children health through the provision of appropriate meals, fitted inside the house and not give them money to eat from fast food restaurants. These restaurants affect humans in many diseases like heart diseases; this is one of the most dangerous and the most common diseases of fast food. This kind of disease causes death. Another kind of disease is Sleep apnea. This imbalance means that you have stop breathing actually, which causes you to suddenly wake up several times during the night. May not even be aware of this interruption of sleep, but it prevents you from getting proper sleep and results in daytime fatigue. Moreover, liver damage can also occur. It is difficult for the body to deal with obesity contributed by fast food because these foods usually do not get the proper circulation (Dalton, pp. 23-45). When this is the case, the lipids can build up around the liver, which may result in inflammation of the session, scarring, and lasting damage too.

There is therefore much communication needed that highlights the benefits of having control on the health of our people and especially on proper diet. This as attributed by scholars is based on eating healthy and not necessarily denying people certain foods.  It is a great area of study that is affecting communities and governments as they try to provide an amicable solution to obesity especially for our children. Despite a lot of research and study carried out in this field, our people are still struggling with the issue of obesity. With busy lives, people have loved to take fast foods and engage on poor eating habits. The health of many children is getting destroyed in the hands of able parents and guardians who would help prevent their children from obesity (Ogden and Carroll, pp. 6-17). While children need food to grow and learn, the process should be carefully monitored to ensure that they eat well. There is therefore room for more research which must seek to provide a better solution to this problem. All that is needed is the active participation of all and joint efforts geared towards alleviating childhood obesity. With research and its implementation, obesity and its effects will be mitigated.

On the other hand, cooking at home is better for your lifestyle and health. When you are the person who cooked for yourself, there will be internal relief that the food was prepared in a clean way (Gisselin, pp. 12-35). Some restaurants do not mind about the customer. For instance, if a piece of onion fell on the ground, the worker may not re-wash or replace this piece of onion, but will instead use it even if it got dirt. But if you're cooking for yourself, then of course you will observe hygiene and keen not to make for yourself dirty food. On a different note for the married, if you are used to eating at fast food restaurants, you will be away from your family and will not spend enough time with your family. For university students who have the tendency to eat from fast food joints, the case is not different. Preparing food at home or eat at home makes people keep in touch with their families making everyone achieve this highest degree of social networking and become better for their lifestyle.

In conclusion, cooking food at home is more superior than eating at fast food joints. Any individual has his mind and no one can force another to choose what to eat. All the same, they have to be aware of the disadvantages of fast foods and the advantages of cooking at home. I hope that the government allocates advertisements to educate people about the dangers of eating at fast food restaurants and the amount of potential damage they have and make consumers susceptible to disease attack. Moreover, parents should teach their children from a young age to rely on eating meals at home and not in fast food restaurants. In addition, fast foods companies must take into account the needs of the people and do their work in the best way and not tamper with the health of people and appreciate the great responsibility that lies on them.

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